Miss Madsen - 2nd Grade

Welcome to 2nd Grade
I am so glad you are here!


  • Early Release: Wednesday, April 18th.

Specialist Schedule

Monday: P.E.
Tuesday: P.E.
Wednesday: Art
Thursday: CLC
Friday: Music & P.E.


  1. 20 min. of reading 5x a week
  2. *Practice spelling words
*Spelling Words and Reading Log go home on Monday. The Reading Log needs to be returned the following Monday.

Spelling Words

1. Cheerful
2. Visitor
3. Slowly
4. Weekly
5. Teacher
6. Helper
7. Hardly
8. Graceful
9. Yearly
10. Quickly
11. Fighter
12. Sailor
*Spelling tests will be every Friday.


Phonics: Suffixes: -ly, -ful, -er, -or, and -ish
Story: Firefighter!
Genre: Non-fiction Narrative
Comprehension: Fact & Opinion


Money!: This week we will be starting to learn about coins and dollar bills. We will use our addition and subtraction skills to find totals and differences.

Sentence organization - We will be working on organizing our sentences, building paragraphs that make sense, have details, and get our point across, as well as making sure they have the proper capitalization and punctuation. 

Weekly Writing Project - finishing our biography of a friend and using descriptive adjectives in our writing.

Classroom Management

If you haven't filled out the form to be invited to view our Class Dojo for updates on how your child is doing throughout the day, then please refer to the Welcome Packet received on Parent Night or taken home on the first day of school. Fill out the bottom part of the form and send it back with your kiddo and I'll get you all set up! 

 Behavior Expectations:

C: Caring
R: Respectful
R: Responsible
E: Engaged
S: Safe

Congratulations to Alliyah Hall and Cooper Hummel for winning the Rockin' Rockets award for showing all of our C.R.R.E.S. expectations!

Congratulations to Trinity Cardoza and Brycen West for winning the Rockin' Rockets award for being Caring!

Congratulations to Kenzey Franklin and Brayden Gene for winning the Rockin' Rockets award for being Respectful!

Congratulations to Anna Anshutz and Zaday Rojas-Cortez for winning the Rockin' Rockets award for being Responsible! 

Congratulations to Kaylee Marcil and Connor Sullivan for winning the Rockin' Rockets award for being Engaged!

Congratulations to Tommie Courser and Logan Powell for winning the Rockin' Rockets award for being Safe!

The next award will be for those who showing strong "Engaged" traits.