Mr Connor / Mr Wallace - PE

Welcome to Castle Rock Elementary PE! 

Things to have on PE days: 
  1. Safe comfortable shoes during PE. No high heels, flip flops, cowboy boots, etc. If the shoes are close toed and strapped on front and back with non marking soles, that would be preferred. If you cannot provide a pair of  comfortable, safe footwear for your child please let us know as we have some donations for students in need.
  2. Comfortable clothing. Please if you child is wearing a dress or skirt, have them wear something underneath like tights or shorts.
  3. Water bottle if you choose to send with your child is ok. No juice or pops. We have a water bottle filler now on our water machine to refill water bottles outside the gym in the hallway.
  4. A note from home or a Dr., etc. that is turned in if your child is injured or has some type of injury or illness where they cannot do PE and how long they need to be excused so we know to sit them out or help adjust the class activity for them.
Here is a PE schedule that shows what day's your child may have PE on. 

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Nov 29, 2018, 1:58 PM