Mrs. Little's Art Class

Mrs. Little's Art Class

 Week Of:  4/23-4/27

All part of the Process!

Current Projects

4th and 5th Grade: Will be working on a large  project that will involve 4 of our  5 scenes.  Week one involved their ears and hands.  Week 2 will involve our noses. in the final weeks touch will play and important roll in our creations.

1st, 2nd and 3rd GradeWill be working on a color mixing.  We will be using food coloring to create secondary and tertiary colors.

Kinder: Will be working on color mixing.  We will be using primary colors to create secondary colors. 

What's New
I created a you tube channel called:
 Little Art Videos

These are my first two videos. 

Monthly Goal

Craftsmanship: This month and through the rest of the school year will really be focusing on craftsmanship. The quality of our work matters.  Did you try your hardest? Did you take your time?
Did you follow instructions? These are all questions I will be asking your students as they finish their art work.