Mrs. Little's Art Class

Mrs. Little's Art Class

 Week Of: - 1/28-2/8

Elements of ART Focus: Form and Shape

 End of January beginning of February 

Current Projects

4th and 5th Grade: 

Students will be creating a unique heart collage that makes their heart appear to be floating. Through shading and color students will be able to create an optical illusions with their heart.

2nd and 3rd Grade:

Students will be creating a three dimensional heart, made out of cardboard, tinfoil and paper cellulose.  When painting students will gain inspiration form contemporary artist Jim Dine.


Kinder and 1st grades.

Students will be viewing work form contemporary artist Chris Uphues and his happy heart art. Then they will attempt to recreate similar works of art learning about value- tones, tints and shades. We will be mixing a color to make tints and shades for our current projects.

Washington State Govenors mansion Christmas tree 2018.  This tree is created only with ornaments students create. Mrs. Paget’s 4th grade class was picked to create a set Jellyfish ornaments for the tree. 

What's New

I created a you tube channel called:
 Little Art Videos

Blooming Generations Garden
Since our winter weather seems to not be coming our way we are starting to make garden perpetration.  Three new beds have been built and are ready to get moved into place and filled. Students have begun cleaning out the beds of any weeds in preparation for early plantings. We are starting a worm compost in my classroom.  Those little guys are doing their job and even turning our scraps of paper back into earth. 

Monthly Goal

Craftsmanship: This month and through the rest of the school year will really be focusing on craftsmanship. The quality of our work matters.  Did you try your hardest? Did you take your time? Did you follow instructions? These are all questions I will be asking your students as they finish their art work.