Mrs. Little's Art Class

Mrs. Little's Art Class

 Weeks Of:  1/21-2/16

Current Projects

5th Grade: Will be creating a faux porcelain vase from China's ever popular 18th century willow designs. 

4th Grade: Will be creating a faux porcelain plate with a recreation of a 18th century willow design.

Both grades: will be using blue fine tipped markers along with watered down tempera paint.  We will be concentrating on design along with tints and hues.

Monthly Goal

K-5 Will be learning about the Chinese New Year. The Chinese new year is based on the lunar calendar so the date changes every year. This year the Chinese New Year begins on February 16th. We will also look at the animals that represent each year and what symbol each student would have been born under. We will look at different art from china and try to make and recreate art of our own.  

Craftsmanship: This month and through the rest of the school year will really be focusing on craftsmanship. The quality of our work matters.  Did you try your hardest? Did you take your time?
Did you follow instructions? These are all questions I will be asking your students as they finish their art work.