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School Choice

Students wishing to transfer to Castle Rock from another district:

Any student who lives outside the district may apply to attend a school in the district. All applications for nonresident attendance are considered on an equal basis. The district accepts students on a space-available basis by program and/or grade level (accepting more nonresident students than space allows would create a financial hardship for the district). The district provides information on interdistrict enrollment policies on request; and copies of the Washington State Superintendent of Public Instruction’s annual booklet on enrollment options are available for public inspection at each school building, the district administrative office and the Castle Rock public library.

A parent or guardian must apply for admission on behalf of a minor child by completing the application for nonresident transfer into Castle Rock School district. A student who is a legal adult (18 years of age or older) may apply for himself or herself.

The superintendent provides all applicants with written notification of approval or denial of the application. If the student is to be admitted, the superintendent notifies the resident district and makes necessary arrangements for the transfer of student records. If the application is denied, the applicant may petition the school board for a hearing; a final district decision to deny admittance may be appealed to the Superintendent of Public Instruction.
Students wishing to transfer out of  Castle Rock to another district:

Parents seeking to enroll their child(ren) in a school outside their residential school district boundaries must submit an Application for Attendance in Nonresident District. An application for boundary exception must be completed for each child, approved and signed by the superintendents or the superintendents’ designee of both the home (resident) school district and the receiving district, and placed on file at both districts every year the child attends school outside the home district.

To check a Cowlitz County address to verify the residential (home) school district, you may conduct a parcel search through the Cowlitz County Assessor’s Web site.

Cowlitz County electronic parcel search

To check a Lewis County address to verify the residential (home) school district, you may conduct a parcel search through the Lewis County Assessor’s Web site. You may contact the Lewis County Assessor’s office with questions 360-740-1392

Lewis County electronic parcel search