Hi Everyone,

As you may know, we recently had every water faucet/spigot of any kind in the District tested for levels of lead and copper.  We have 235 water sources in the district. Of those, only twelve of them came back over the acceptable levels of lead and/or copper.  While we were pleasantly surprised, we took action immediately to shut down those twelve sources.  Fortunately, none of the twelve are important to the operations of the district.  While they are currently shut down, we realize that is a short term solution. We are developing a plan for each of the twelve with these options: permanently cap the source; or run for several hours and retest because the source is rarely used which tends to cause false positives.  If there is one that we want to use in the future and the second test comes back bad, we will install comprehensive filters that filter out both lead and copper.  We will test those again after the filters are installed before allowing usage by anyone.

Here is the list of the failed tests:


Portable building in back of the Elementary School: Short drinking fountain
Baseball Concession Building: Men's restroom sinks (2)
District Office: Women's sink and Men's sink
High School Classroom: One of four sinks
Middle School Office: Faucet
Elementary School: Classroom drinking fountain and classroom sink

Cap off permanently

High School: Storage room sink; 
High School Classroom: One of four sinks 
Elementary School: Band room sink

Happy Holidays!
Jim Mabbott, Superintendent