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Know Your Learning Target! 

Instructional objectives, which are about instruction, derived from content standards, written in teacher language, and used to guide teaching during a lesson or across a series of lessons, learning targets frame a lesson from the student point of view.  A learning target helps students grasp the lesson's purpose--why it is crucial to learn this chunk of information, on this day, and in this way. Learning targets written in a student friendly way, often are posted beginning with the works "I CAN...

Learning targets...
  *Are clear.
  *Are crafted in student friendly language.
  *Contain rigor.
  *Contain success criteria.

Here are some resources to help!

Make your own rubrics, or use pre-made ones!  Easy and built in success criteria...

Knowing Your Learning Target (article read in March)

Leveling the Field (article read in April)