Teaching Thankfulness!

posted Nov 21, 2017, 11:58 AM by Patty Gelbrich   [ updated Nov 21, 2017, 12:01 PM ]
It is that time of year, Thanksgiving, where we would like our children to learn to be thankful.  How do we do that?  Here are some ideas to get you going...

1.  Talk about traditions and build memories during holidays, like Thanksgiving.
2.  Turn off the television and talk during meal time.  Tell stories about your own holidays as a child.  Children love to hear stories about "the good old days".
3.  Work together to plan your Thanksgiving Feast.  Talk about the different types of foods, where they come from and how they are prepared.  Get everyone involved in the cooking!
4.  Be thankful...  Have everyone share something they are thankful for at your Thanksgiving feast.
5.  Share with others!  Many charities are very active this time of year.  Donate.  Help others.  Your children will learn the importance of helping others.
6.  Create something for Thanksgiving together!  It could be a favorite dessert, or place mats for the table...  Have fun!
7.  Create a tradition for your family.  It could be a tradition of games after dinner, or a fun game of football outside.  Make it a tradition and something that everyone looks forward to.

Most of all - enjoy your time and build many positive memories of the holiday!  Happy Thanksgiving....