posted Feb 5, 2017, 9:27 PM by Patty Gelbrich   [ updated Feb 5, 2017, 9:29 PM ]

1. DECORATE YOUR HOUSE.  You decorate for Thanksgiving, Christmas - why not Valentine's Day?  Head to the local dollar store for some inexpensive decorations like balloons and streamers, and let your children help hang them.  Your children can help by making some decorations as well.

2.  MAKE HANDMADE VALENTINE'S.  You can always buy cards, but if you have the time, kids enjoy making their own.  

3.  GET CRAFTY!  There are so many ideas out there now!  Visit Pinterest, Caboose and Family Fun to find pictures and ideas of great craft ideas.

4.  PLAY GAMES!  Many old favorite games can be modified to fit Valentine's Day.  For example, Bingo can become Valentine's Bingo.  What about a Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt with clues written on hearts that lead to a gift or treat.  

5.  HEAD TO THE KITCHEN.  Let's get cooking in the kitchen - your children love to cook and experiment in the kitchen.  Make some heart shaped cookies and let your children decorate them.  What about some chocolate covered strawberries?  Yum!

6.  HOST A PARTY.  Once your house is decorated, and you have made those cookies, why not host a party.  Invite a few friends, or just have a party with your very own stuffed animals.  You can play some games, serve some treats, and share some Valentine's fun.

7.  START A TRADITION.  Family traditions are so important for children.  They provide a sense of security and belonging.  One tradition you could try is to have a Valentine's Day breakfast complete with heart shaped pancakes!

8.  LEARN SOMETHING.  Holidays provide many teachable moments.  Explore the history of Valentine's Day.  Read some books together - many great Valentine's Day books.

9.  TALK ABOUT HEARTS.  Did you know February is National Heart Month?  Take the opportunity and use Valentine's Day to teach your children about the human heart. , what it looks like, and how to take care of it.  

10.  TELL YOUR CHILDREN YOU LOVE THEM!  Seems like a no-brainer right?  But sometimes we get busy...  and it's easy to assume that our children know we love them.  Even if you tell them, tell them even  more - as they can't ever hear it enough.  


(Source:  ParentingSquad.com)