The First Days of School

posted Aug 28, 2016, 10:17 AM by Patty Gelbrich   [ updated Aug 28, 2016, 10:25 AM ]
Try these strategies to help your child get in the routine of school.

  1. Get up early.  Have a relaxing breakfast and leave time to deal with any upsets that may arise.  Be sure to get to school on time.
  2. Don't talk about how much you will miss your child.  Don't let your own worries get in the way.  Walk your child to school (or put them on the bus).  If you need support, talk with other parents. Your child has enough to worry about on the first day of school without worrying about you.
  3. Focus on fun.  If you walk your child to school, check out the playground before you go in.  Meet the teacher together and take a look around the new classroom for things you know your child enjoys (like art supplies, a fishtanks or the reading corner).
  4. If your child gets upset, acknowledge their feeling and ask for her suggestions.  You might say something like, "I know you are upset.  I bet other kids are too.  Let's think about what will help you feel better."  Suggest reading a book together or starting an activity.
  5. Ask the teacher for help.  If your child won't let you go, turn to the teacher.  She probably has experience with this.  You might say, "Let's go say hello to your teacher together.  She will take great care of you."
  6. Make a swift exit.  Take your cue from the teacher and your child, but when it's time to go, go.  A quick exit may be more useful to your child than a drawn-out goodbye!  You could always call the office later to see how your child is doing.  Probably, you'll find out that they are absolutely fine and having a great time.

(Source:  PBS Parents)