Washington State Learning Academy

posted Jan 19, 2018, 7:59 AM by Patty Gelbrich
Yesterday our Administrative team worked with the Washington State Learning Academy (WSLA) to continue our work on academic achievement and student success.  This is a two year program with a goal of helping more students be successful.  We created a theory of action - the action plan we follow to help more of our Castle Rock students be successful.  You can see from our chart all the great things happening in our schools - new systems put in place to ensure student success!

In a little over one year we have started the following:
1.  Instructional Rounds/Learning Walks - done monthly, administrators and teachers participate and learn from each other.
2.  Learning Targets - student friendly learning targets are discussed with our students throughout the lesson.  Students knowing the end goal helps in student learning.
3.  Student Growth - teachers are utilizing assessment data in their PLC's and making plans for students that need more support.
4.  Attendance Tracking - we have started monitoring attendance percentages.  If students are not here, they cannot learn.  We will continue our efforts to get our students to be in school.
5.  Graduation Rate - we are tracking graduation rate, and working hard to connect each student to graduation.  We saw improvement in the graduation rate last year.
6.  Professional Learning - in prior years, we had no formal method of professional learning for our staff.  Beginning this fall we implemented an early release schedule on Wednesdays.  This time is valuable for staff to continue learning, to work together, to spend time discussing and planning for student interventions and to look at assessment data creating a plan to move forward.  Successful school systems provide time for this hugely impactful professional learning and collaboration.  To assist with this, we have started an Instructional Leadership Team - teachers from each school who assist with district direction and professional learning for all staff.
7.  Tiered Systems of Support - schools are focusing efforts providing students what they need - be it intervention or enrichment.  We look at both academic and behavioral tiered systems.  At the elementary, they have built in a block of time in their master schedule for intervention/enrichment.  At the middle school, students who need more support in reading and math now have classes designed for that very purpose.
8.  Staff Retention - A part of our strategic plan is to improve staff retention.  Doing all of the things mentioned above, involving our staff every step of the way, and creating an environment that people want to be a part of will improve keeping our staff.  We have seen this area improve in the short year and a half, and will continue monitoring it.

Hand in hand - we all learn!  From our students, to classified staff, to our teachers - it is an expectation.  Lots going on!  Thanks for all the hard work everyone!