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Contact information:

Ms. Sonja Bruce, Ed.M.

Castle Rock Primary & Intermediate Schools

(360) 501-3129

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Meet the School Counselor Letter

School Counseling Program Brochure

Weekly Counseling Program Schedule- FALL 2017

1. What does a professional school counselor do? 

Read about the Role of a Professional Elementary School Counselor here.

2. What types of direct services are provided for students at CRES by the school counselor? (80% of a school counselor's time should be spent in DIRECT services to students.)

  • School-wide Programs 
  • Parent/student conferences
  • Crisis Response & Intervention
  • Conflict Mediation & Resolution
  • Classroom lessons related to social-emotional skills, academic success, and/or college & career readiness.
  • Weekly small groups working on specific skills starting in October. Groups run 1x/week for 30-40 minutes for 4-8 weeks.
    • The majority of the students meeting in these groups will be identified by teachers. Additional students can be referred by parents and other staff members
    • Additional rounds of small groups start in February or March and as needed.
    • These groups focus on a variety of skills related to (but not limited to) the following:
      • social skills
      • emotional regulation
      • grief
      • family changes (i.e. divorce)
      • new students
      • academic skills (i.e. organization, test anxiety, setting goals, etc.)
      • attendance
      • college & career exploration
  • Individual counseling on an as-needed basis, weekly for 4-6 weeks. **Any students needing long-term counseling will be referred to community mental health agency.
3. What types of indirect services are provided for students at CRES by the school counselor? (20% of a school counselor's time should be spent in INDIRECT services to students.)
  • Consultation & Collaboration with staff and parents
  • Section 504 Plan coordinator
  • System support 
  • Referrals to community mental health agencies
4. How can my child see the school counselor?

1.  I recommend first speaking to your child’s teacher about possible strategies and interventions that can be implemented in the classroom.

2.  If needed, you can then fill out a referral form and sign the permission form. 

  •  Ask the front office (Liz in Primary, Kristina in Intermediate) for the School Counselor referral form. Fill out and return to front office.
  • Fill out the referral form online here. 
You can expect a follow-up phone call or e-mail from me within 1-week of me receiving the referral!

3.  You can also always simply call or e-mail me directly! Together we will determine what course of action might best support your child:

  • Strategies to implement in the classroom
  • Joining a small group to work on specific skills
  • Short-term individual counseling to work on specific skills
  • Referral to a community mental health provider


About your school counselor:

Go Seahawks!

Hi! This is my 4th year as a school counselor (3rd year at CRES), but my 14th year working with students in a school setting. I love the elementary grades and all the exploring, learning, and fun we get to have!

          I have a master’s degree in School Counseling, a bachelor’s in Psychology, and a minor in Early Childhood Education- I love working with inquisitive little minds and their families! I went to college in Pullman, WA at Washington State University (Go Cougs!) and moved to Honolulu, HI after graduation. I lived there for 2.5 years (where I worked as a Preschool Counselor) before moving back to the Pacific Northwest. I then taught at a Head Start program for the next 5 years in Portland, OR. I grew up in Kelso, WA and am thrilled to be back in my old stomping grounds!

            As the school counselor, I am here to serve all students. Social and Emotional wellness is key to academic success. My job is to support your child in this need, as well as in Academic Achievement & College/Career Readiness, so that they can be their best self and prepared for the future! Please explore my website for more information about the services I provide and feel free to contact me any time!

Helpful links

Click the link above for information regarding parenting classes including Love & Logic, The Incredible Years, Strengthening Families, and more!

Head Start Center for Inclusion
Tips and strategies for supporting children at home and in the classroom. Includes social stories, visuals, and 15 minute online trainings.

Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning

PBIS: Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports
Castle Rock School District implements PBIS on a daily basis! Read more about it here:

Kids Health

Counseling With Heart
"Each book addresses real world problems children face on a daily basis. Through therapeutic art and writing exercises, kids can express their feelings and learn how to deal with those feelings in appropriate ways. Designed for children ages 6-12."



Books, videos, songs, lessons to help young children become better listeners, learn important life lessons, and feel good about themselves. 

Child Abuse Prevention


State Testing Tips

Parent Letter

Superhero Testing Student Checklist

SBA Practice Test

Dynamic Dozen!

Click above to read 12 "Dynamic Dozen" tips on how to prepare to do you BEST on the test!

The Anti-Test Anxiety Society

 The Dynamic Dozen come from "The Anti-Test Anxiety Society" written by Julia Cook. Click the link above to watch the read aloud video on YouTube!


What we're learning in:

I teach Second Step (Social-Emotional Learning Program) lessons to each kindergarten class on a weekly basis! Click the link above to see pictures and read more about what we're learning each week!

Ms. Bruce's Schedule for Kindergarten:
Monday- Ms. Bayes
Tuesday- Mrs. Austin
Wednesday- Mrs. Fulton
Thursday- Ms. Moore
Friday- Mrs. Garbe

PBIS Character Trait of the Month 

All CRES Traits!
(Caring, Respectful, Responsible, Engaged, Safe)



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