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Here you will find counseling forms, what we're learning in school-wide and grade-level school counseling core curriculum lessons, and links to helpful resources. 

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Contact information:

Ms. Sonja Bruce, Ed.M.
School Counselor
Castle Rock Primary & Intermediate Schools

(360) 501-3129

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About me:

Hi! This is my 3rd year as a counselor, but my 13th year working with students in a school setting. I love the elementary grades and all the exploring, learning, and fun we get to have!

          I have a master’s degree in School Counseling, a bachelor’s in Psychology, and a minor in Early Childhood Education- I love working with inquisitive little minds and their families! I went to college in Pullman, WA at Washington State University (Go Cougs!) and moved to Honolulu, HI after graduation. I lived there for 2.5 years (where I worked as a Preschool Counselor) before moving back to the Pacific Northwest. I then taught at a Head Start program for the next 5 years in Portland, OR. I grew up in Kelso, WA and am thrilled to be back in my old stomping grounds!

            As the school counselor, I am here to serve all students. Social and Emotional wellness is key to academic success. My job is to support your child in this need, as well as in Academic Success & Career Readiness, so that they can be their best self! Please explore my website for more information about the services I provide and feel free to contact me any time!

Meet the School Counselor Letter

School Counseling Program Brochure



1. What does a school counselor do? 

Read about the Role of a Professional School Counselor here.

2. What kinds of direct services does the school counselor provide for students at Castle Rock Primary and Intermediate schools?  

Weekly Counseling Program Schedule- FALL 2017

3. What programs are available for parents?

Coffee with the Counselor!

A new program for parents/guardians

30 minutes of training, discussion, and question time surrounding various topics including behavior management strategies for at home, the effects of screen time, how to help your child succeed, and more!

Fill out a survey online here:

4. How can my child see the school counselor?
    Fill out a referral form here.

    OR you can call or e-mail to discuss your concerns with me! Together we will determine what course of action might best support your child:
  • Strategies to implement in the classroom
  • Joining a small group to work on specific skills
  • Short-term individual counseling to work on specific skills
  • Referral to a community mental health provider

What we're learning:

PBIS Character Trait of the Month:

Be Caring!

We are Bucket Fillers!

Ms. Bruce has gone to every classroom and read the book, Have You Filled a Bucket Today?, by Carol McCloud. 

Each student AND staff member is promising to do their best to BE CARING by being a BUCKET FILLER! 

We all will sign a pledge and Ms. Bruce is taking class and staff photos to hang on the Bucket Fillers bulletin board!

Ask your child what it means to be a bucket filler vs. a bucket dipper!

More videos and activities below:

How Full is Your Bucket? (YouTube animated book)

*This lesson is aligned with ASCA Mindset & Behavior standards for Student Success:

M 3. Sense of belonging in the school environment
B-SS 2. Create positive and supportive relationships with other students
B-SS 3. Create relationships with adults that support success
B-SS 4. Demonstrate empathy

Helpful links

Click the link above for information regarding parenting classes including Love & Logic, The Incredible Years, Strengthening Families, and more!

Head Start Center for Inclusion
Tips and strategies for supporting children at home and in the classroom. Includes social stories, visuals, and 15 minute online trainings.

Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning

PBIS: Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports
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