Miss Davidson's 2nd Grade Class

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School & Classroom Expectations:




*Don't forget your summer reading!

*20 minutes of daily/nightly reading recorded in the reading log

*Practice spelling words enough to feel prepared for Friday's test

*Practice basic math facts (addition & subtraction)

*The reading log is sent home Monday and due the following Monday

*All of your efforts to support and enhance learning at home are greatly appreciated!

Weekly Learning Highlights:
June 19-20


   *Charlotte's Web Activities

    *Vocab Words: 
  • N/A
  *Phonics/Word Skill:


Spelling Words:
  1. N/A


Review & Practice

  Previous Concepts
 (for continued review)
  • Basic Math Facts (+ & -)
  • Addition (double and triple digit with and without regrouping)
  • Subtraction (double and triple digit with and without regrouping)
  • Time (analog & digital clocks to five minutes)
  • Base Ten & Place Value 
  • Money
  • Polygons & Polyhedrons
  • Equal Groups
  • Fractions


In various forms, we are focusing on writing a complete paragraph. We want to be able to keep our paragraphs focused on a topic. We are working on constructing complete sentence answers to questions and also editing our own writing.

Highlighted writing purposes throughout the year:



To Ladun Liadi S Blog  A Big Shout Out To Every Reader Of This Blog

Thank you to all the students and families who made this a wonderful 2nd grade year!

Upcoming events:

Last Day
June 20

Family Question of the Week:

What can we do as a family to keep up with our reading over the summer?

*Give your answer to Miss Davidson to earn a ticket! The first student to answer this question earns 3 tickets! 

Specialist Schedule:

Monday: PE & Music
Tuesday: CLC
Wednesday: PE
Thursday: Music
Friday: PE

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