Miss Davidson's 3rd Grade Class

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School & Classroom Expectations:

  • 30 minutes of reading
    • (at least 5 days per week is preferred)
  • Please sign planners each day of the week and record reading minutes!
  • Practice basic math facts
    • (It is a district priority to aim for mastery and automaticity in addition, subtraction, multiplication, & division)
  • Work In Progress
  • Learning sites and games
    • (see helpful links)

Helpful Links:

*Math and ELA Practice
*Davidson Class Code = nuvj3c

*Math facts and all subject practice

*In-class math practice

*Math Practice

*Keyboarding practice

*Coding practice

Whooo's Reading
*Reading response practice 

*ELA Practice
*Class Code= KNCXXQ


Weekly Learning Highlights:
Feb. 4-8

  • Informative Texts
  • Continue Informative/Expository Writing
    • Organizing a paragraph
    • Organizing an essay
    • Topic sentences
    • Planning & Drafting
  • Continue vocabulary strategies
    • Context clues
    • Synonyms

  • Shapes
    • Quadrilaterals & Categories
    • Partitioning Shapes
  • Facts
Previous Skills for Review:
  • Place Value
  • Facts
  • Addition & Subtraction 
    • (Within 1000)
  • Graphing
  • Patterns, Relationships, Practice, Review, & Assess for Multiplication & Division (All Skills)
  • Two-step problems
  • Continue Division
  • Continue Multiplication
    • Repeated Addition
    • Skip Counting
    • Arrays
    • Equal Groups
    • Basic Facts
    • Word Problems
  • Mixed Practice & Review

  • Weather & Climate

Social Studies:
  • Continents (with relationship to climate)

Upcoming Events:

No School Presidents' Day
Feb. 18

Family Question of the Week:

What would be your perfect family snow day?

*Give your answer to Miss Davidson to earn a ticket! The first student to answer this question earns 3 tickets!

Specialist Schedule:

Monday: Art & PE 
Tuesday: Music
Wednesday: CLC
Thursday: PE
Friday: PE