Miss Davidson's 4th Grade Class

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School & Classroom Expectations:

  • 30 minutes of reading
    • (at least 5 days per week is preferred)
  • Please sign planners each day of the week and record reading minutes!
  • Practice spelling words
    • (no formal requirement-just enough to be prepared for the test)
  • Work In Progress
  • Practice basic math facts
    • (aim for mastery and automaticity in addition, subtraction, multiplication, & division)
  • Learning sites and games
    • (see helpful links)

Helpful Links:

*Math and ELA Practice
*Class Code = 76uyhj

*Math Practice
*Class Code = 9C46D4

*Keyboarding practice

*Coding practice

*In-class ELA assignments

Whooo's Reading
*Reading response practice 

*Math facts and all subject practice

*Spelling lists & practice
(One list for two weeks)

*ELA Practice


Weekly Learning Highlights:
Jan. 22-25

ELA Comprehension Skill:
  • Drawing Conclusions/Drawing Inferences
  • Main Idea & Details
Previous Skills for Review:
  • Sequence
  • Author's Purpose
  • Cause & Effect
  • Literary Elements
    • Theme
    • Plot
    • Characters
    • Setting

Vocab Words/phrases:
  • academic language
  •  focus on vocabulary strategies
  • Properties of Multiplication
  • Estimation in Multiplication
  • Standard Algorithm of Multiplication
    • 1x4 & 2x2 digit
      • with estimation
  • Area Model of Multiplication
    • 1x4 digit & 2 x 2 digit
      • with estimation
  • Foundations of Multiplication
    • Arrays
    • Factors
    • Multiples
    • Basic Facts
Previous Skills for Review:
  • Odd & Even Numbers
  • Representing Numbers 
  • Number Forms: 
    • (Word, Standard, Expanded)
  • Understanding Place Value & the Base Ten System
  • Rounding & Estimating
  • Word Problems
  • Multi-Digit Addition & Subtraction

  • Beginning Process & Structures
  • Complete Paragraph Responses
    • Structure & Content
    • How to phrase evidence
  • Revision & Editing Practice
  • Style Focus:
    • Personal Narrative
    • Opinion/Persuasive
    • Informational

Upcoming Events:

Contingency Day - No School
Jan. 26
Rockin' Rockets Assembly
Feb. 1

Family Question of the Week:

 What are your favorite school subjects and why?

*Give your answer to Miss Davidson to earn a ticket! The first student to answer this question earns 3 tickets!

Thanks and congrats to Gracie for being the first student to answer this year! 

Specialist Schedule:

Monday: PE 
Tuesday: Music
Wednesday: PE
Thursday: CLC & Art
Friday: Art

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