Miss Noteboom's 3rd Grade Class - Castle Rock Elementary

Welcome to 3rd Grade!
Homework Information

*NO homework currently.

Reading Fluency (1 minute timings) - Monday to Thursday

Reading Log - Read 20 minutes a day

Reading Comprehension/Spelling - Mondays and Wednesdays

Math - Tuesdays and Thursdays

Current Spelling Words:

1. unhappy
2. recall
3. disappear
4. unload
5. mistake
6. misspell
7. dislike
8. replace
9. mislead
10. disagree
11. rewrite
12. unroll
13. unknown
14. dishonest
15. react

Challenge Words:

16. unfortunate
17. discourage
18. uncomfortable
19. recycle
20. mispronounce
We Are C.R.E.S!

C - Caring
R - Responsible &
E - Engaged
S - Safe


Way to go, Noel, Colton and Shyann!

We are working on...

Math: Review activities, including fractions. 

Reading: Review activities including character, setting, and plot. 

Writing/Social Studies: Native American studies 

Science - We have recently dissected owl pellets. Students categorized the bones. You will see these coming home (in zip lock bags!) soon. 

For 6-6-17 to 6-13-17

Important Dates

Thursday, June 15th- Field Trip

June 24th - PTO Parking Lot Sale

*We could use a few more boxes of snacks to get us through until the end of the school year. Thank you!

Specialists Schedule

Monday - Music

Tuesday - P.E. and CLC

Wednesday - M.A.G.I.C. (Make a Greater Individual Commitment)

Thursday - CLC

Friday - P.E.