Mrs. Garbe's Kindergarten Class


                 Welcome to Mrs. Garbe's Class Website!

This is where you can find important details about our class as well as what we are doing this week. I encourage you to join our Class DoJo in order to receive frequent updates on what children have done as well as to see fun pictures of your child at school.

Specialist Schedule                                                                   
                  • Monday: P.E.                                      
                  • Tuesday: Music
                  • Wednesday: P.E.
                  • Thursday: Art
                  • Friday: CLC

What Are We Doing This Week 10/15/18
 to 10/19/18
  • Letters i and u and their sounds
  • Writing first name
  • Zoophonics
  • Counting to 30
  • Fall Art Projects and Writing
  • Sorting objects by attribute
  • Using a 5 frame
  • Listening during stories and answering questions about key aspects
  • Identifying characters and setting
  • Identifying initial sounds in words
  • Sight Words
    • I
    • am
    • the
    • little
  • Amazing words:
    • swayed
    • flock
    • prickly
    • fierce
    • grazed
    • darting
    • sturdy
    • frightening