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Today's writing prompt...

To get you started, here's a writing prompt from WritingFix.com. They have a random writing prompt generator that gave me this prompt for today:

"What five images paint a perfect picture of a pleasant winter day to you? Put those five images together in a piece of writing."

In the spirit of a writer's workshop, I'll share one image and some writing with you here.

Josie is 10 years old and that's old for a boxer. We'll be lucky if she lives for another two or three years. The pain of losing a best dog-friend comes back over and over again after a dog dies and it hurts. Knowing this is coming makes each day with Josie special.

A good winter's day for Josie starts with a walk. She doesn't mind the cold or rain because she knows that breakfast and a warm towel and rub down wait for her once she's back. With a full tummy and knowledge that she's done her "work" for the day, she can settle down for a long nap on the couch with her favorite blanket.

Old, gray, full and comfortable, for boxers it doesn't get much better than this.

Rest easy Josie. Dream well.
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