December 3rd - 7th 2018

TIME CHANGE FOR OUR MUSIC PROGRAM!!! The kindergarten music program has changed once again.  It is still on Tuesday, December 11th but now is at 1:15 in the gym.  The program will only last approx. 10 minutes.  Our class’s chipmunk is Theodore, so please if you have any green clothing dress your kiddo in green. 

We are so thankful for this beautiful weather we are having especially with the new playground covering that is helping keep our kiddos safer when they are out at recess.  With the beautiful clear skies comes very cold temperatures though.  Please send your child to school with their winter jacket along with a hat and gloves if you wish.  At this point in the year it is no longer an option to wear a coat or not out to recess. 


-Upcoming Events-

Tuesday, December 11th: Kindergarten Winter Concert at 1:15pm *TIME CHANGE*

Friday, December 21st: Polar Express Day *Details right behind this newsletter*

Friday, December 21st: 12:10 Dismissal for Winter Break

December 24th – January 2nd 2019: Winter Break


-What we’ve been learning-

Letters: Pp & Jj

Words: have, is

Numbers: Shapes


-What we will be working on-

Letters: Ll, Hh, & Kk

Words: we, like, my

Numbers: Shapes


-Things to work on at home-  Tying shoes, writing nicely, sounding out words, buttoning/zipping jackets by self,