February 27th - March 3rd 2017

Dear Parents/Guardians:


We finished up our study on snails this week!  The kids did a really great job comparing and contrasting water snails and land snails.  We were going to be studying worms (earth and red) next but instead we got bugs (pill and sow).  We will not be doing much with these bugs expect maybe looking at them.  Instead we will be doing animal reports.  I’ll be pulling all the different animal books I have and letting the students choose from them the animal they would like to study.  If your child has a favorite animal you have non-fiction books about please feel free to send them in on Monday.  The books will stay at school while we work on our reports (1.5 weeks). 


-Upcoming Events-

March 7th (Tuesday): Rockin Rockets Assembly 8:55-9:35 *Parents of a student receiving an award for being responsible will be notified!

March 10th (Friday): School Carnival at 6pm *Our class is still accepting donations for the family game night raffle basket*

March 15th (Wednesday): Extreme Team Assembly 1:15-2:30

Spring Conferences: *Conference times will need to be signed up for via Skyward as the time gets closer, please contact the office if you don’t have your log information.  We will be getting out at noon during parent-teacher conferences.

March 28th (Tuesday), March 29th (Wednesday), & March 30th (Thursday)

March 31st (Friday): Early Release for Spring Break, 12pm dismissal


-What we’ve been learning- 

How to work as a team!  Help without just giving the answer, assistant in making the right choices without yelling, and how to talk out a problem rather than whine or tattle. 

Letters: Hh

Words: are, that do

Writing:  We will really be focusing on remembering to end our sentence with an ending mark.  We’ve talked about how periods are used to just tell something, question marks are used when asking something, and exclamation marks are used when we have a lot of feeling (no matter what the feeling is). 

Math: Simple Addition & reviewing teen numbers


-What we will be working on-

We are going to be taking another week to focus on team work.  Some of us got it but we’ve still got a junk that doesn’t, especially the tattling part!

Letters: Ll

Words: are, that do

Writing:  Capitol letters only at the beginning of our sentences and names.   

Math: A week of review: numbers 0-20 and addition


-Things to work on at home-

Sounding out words

Counting to 100-By 1s, 5s, & 10s. 

Our sight Words (knowing them instantly and writing them), we’re up to 24 now)



Ashley Fulton