February 4th - 8th 2019

With the freezing temperatures we are stuck inside most of the day now but do try and get outside in the afternoons.  Please be sending your kiddos to school with a warm winter jacket, gloves, and hats if possible.  If this is something you do not have, please let me know.  We have a lot of resources at our school to help get our kiddos the things they need. 

We are coming up on a very exciting week!!! We have been counting down to our 100s day & Valentine’s day celebration for weeks now and the kids are getting so excited!! We will be doing lots of counting to 100 on Wednesday, they should come home with a lot of little 100s day trinkets along with Valentine’s love on Thursday. 


-Upcoming Events-

Wednesday, February 13th 2019: 100’s Day Celebration *Pending no snow days before this date*

Thursday, February 14th 2019: Valentine’s Day

Monday, February 18th 2019: No School


-What we’ve been learning-

Letters: For the rest of the year we will be working on all our letters with the focus on our handwriting

Words: me, with, she, little

Numbers: Teen numbers


-What we will be working on-

Letters: Writing our letters using the sky line, plane line, grass line, and worm line.

Words: Review word wall words: I, am, the, little, a, to, have, is, we, like, my, he, for, me, with, she,

Numbers: Review numbers 0-20

100’s Day Fun & Valentine’s Day Fun


-Things to work on at home-  Tying shoes, writing nicely, sounding out words, buttoning/zipping jackets by self