June 10th - 14th 2019

I cannot even believe this our last newsletter of the year!!

It was my absolute privilege to teach our kids this school year!  Throughout the year we had 21 students come in and out of room 202.  Each one of them taught me just as much as I taught them.

Please check our website next week, I’ll have a post with tons of pictures from all our events throughout the school year for you to enjoy!

I hope you all have the best summer ever!

Please remind our kiddos in the fall Room 202 is always their room as much mine and they can check in whenever they want to! 


Upcoming Events-

Summer Break!

Tuesday, September 3rd: 1st Day Back for grades 1-5.


-What we’ve been learning-

Letters: All 26 upper and lower case letters along with their sounds

Words: All 40-word wall words

Numbers: Counting to 100, identifying numbers 0-20, adding, and subtracting


-What we will be working on-

Getting our summer on!!


-Things to work on at home over summer-  

Tying shoes, writing nicely, sounding out words in both reading and writing, doing addition and subtraction facts, counting (over 100), doing our own work, being able to take care of ourselves with shoes, buttons, zippers, etc.