June 19th - 20th 2017

-Upcoming Events

June 20th (Tuesday): Last Day of School, noon dismissal! 


-What we will be working on-

We will be finishing the nurse pages of our community member packets.  Talking about our summer plans, excitement about the end of the school year, and hopes for next year. 

Letters: Review of all the letters and sounds

Words: Review of all 40 word wall words plus some key words they need to know

Writing:  Kindergarten memories

Math:  Review


-Things to work on at home-

Read, read, read!

Writing!  Have them write about their day, lists, little notes, etc.  Sounding out what they are writing and only writing the letters they hear the sound for not random extra letters to make the word look big.   

Our sight Words (knowing them instantly and writing them), we’re at 40!!