June 3rd - 7th 2019

THANK you to the parents that sent in snacks! We should be able to make it through the end of the school year now.  The kids were getting pretty concerned with not getting seconds there for a while. 

We are one library book short of having all of our books in!! THANK you for getting those in as quickly as possible. 

I will stop sending SAM books and my readers home on Monday, the 10th.  Please make sure to send any books you have at home in as soon as possible. 

I have not heard back from any parents that they are starting summer break early so I plan on sending home their stuff Friday, the 14th.  Please make sure your child has their backpack to be able to carry it all home in (without any toys so it can all fit)!  If you are leaving early, please let me know.  I can’t send report cards in early but I can send all the supplies and work I have for your student. 

We got to be artists today with Sophie from Paint & Sip.  The kids did an incredible job and were so respectful of Miss Sophie as she was teaching them how to paint a rocket ship.  These are displayed in our hall for now but will be send home Friday, the 14th


Upcoming Events-

Monday, June 10th Rockin Rockets Assembly *Your invite is behind this newsletter if your child is getting an award*

Wednesday, June 12th 2019: Non Early Release Wednesday

Wednesday, June 12th 2019: Field Day *Please have your child in a red tee-shirt*

Thursday, June 13th 2019: Room 202 End of Year Celebration *Details behind this newsletter*

Friday, June 14th 2019: Last Day of Kindergarten


-What we’ve been learning-

Letters: Review

Words: Review

Numbers: Review


-What we will be working on-

Letters: All 26 upper and lower case letters along with their sounds

Words: All 40-word wall words

Numbers: Counting to 100, identifying numbers 0-20, adding, and subtracting


-Things to work on at home-  

Tying shoes (we are up to 4 shoe tiers but that’s it!), writing nicely, sounding out words in both reading and writing,