March 6th - 10th

                                                                                                                       March 10th 2017

Dear Parents/Guardians:


Our kiddos are doing some amazing work in the classroom!! Our writing journals are filling fast with great stories both fiction and nonfiction.  We made a great start on our mini animal reports.  And we’ve made great progress with our addition trying out several different techniques to find the one that works just right for us. We kept our class pets around a bit longer than expected because our class got the amazing surprise of snail eggs! Although we are no longer studying these animals, we are still closely observing them in hopes of getting to see them hatch.  If your student comes home with work on the “please return” side of their Friday folder this is work they didn’t finish during class time, please have them finish it over the weekend and bring it back on Monday.  There is a separate letter this week about parent teacher conference, please read it and return it as soon as possible. 


-Upcoming Events-

March 10th (Friday): School Carnival at 6pm

March 15th (Wednesday): Extreme Team Assembly 1:15-2:30

Spring Conferences:  March 28th (Tuesday), March 29th (Wednesday), & March 30th (Thursday), we will be getting out at noon during parent-teacher conferences.

March 31st (Friday): Early Release for Spring Break, 12pm dismissal

April 3rd-7th (Monday-Friday)L Spring Break


-What we’ve been learning- 

We are going to be taking another week to focus on team work.  Some of us got it but we’ve still got a chunk that doesn’t, especially the tattling part!

Letters: Ll

Words: are, that do

Writing:  Capitol letters only at the beginning of our sentences and names.   

Math: A week of review: numbers 0-20 and addition


-What we will be working on-

Leprechaun fun! Throughout the week we’ll be doing fun St. Patrick’s themed things in our writing, math, and daily 5.  We will also be working as a team to make the perfect leprechaun trap in hopes of catching the pesky things on Friday. 

Letters: We’ll be focusing on some of the more common blends

Words: one, two, three, four, five

Writing:  St. Patrick’s themed writing prompts. 

Math: We’re going to continue with addition practice and all the different ways we can add. 


-Things to work on at home-

Sounding out words

Counting to 100-By 1s, 5s, & 10s. 

Our sight Words (knowing them instantly and writing them), we’ll be up to 29 once we’ve covered our number words. 



Ashley Fulton