May 15th - 19th 2017

Please remember next week I am going to be out of the classroom most of the week.  I do not like being out of the classroom but know that the kids can do a really good job with the great sub we are going to have.  The expectations will be the same as always and the kids and I will really talk about this Tuesday afternoon but if you could give them a little extra pep talk Wednesday morning as well that would be much appreciated!!

 I have all of the permission forms for our upcoming field trip but some of our class still has not purchased their ASB cards! These MUST be purchased for your child to go on the field trip!!

-Upcoming Events

May 21st (Sunday): Color Run…must have registered by May 12th to get a shirt

May 24th-26th (Wednesday – Friday): I will be out of the classroom (I will be in the school working with different students)

May 29th (Monday): No School

May 31st (Wednesday): I will be out of the classroom (I will be in the school working with different students)

June 1st (Thursday): OMSI is here! CRES won this exciting event for having the most kids at the Lil Squatches Mud Run back in September!!

June 2nd (Friday): Field Trip

June 9th (Friday): Special Event *The kids don’t know but I am having a dear friend of mine come do a painting class with our kiddos!!

June 14th (Wednesday): Field Day

June 20th (Tuesday): Last Day of School


-What we’ve been learning- 

We started our author study this week and will continue it into next week.  We will be reading a handful of the author’s book, comparing the books, characters, and themes along with doing several projects with them.  The author is Kevin Henkes.

Letters: Yy & Qq

Words: what, said, was

Writing:  We will be writing about what we find out about the author and his books.  We’ll be comparing them to our own lives and eventually working on a persuading piece as to what book was our favorite and why.    

Math:  We are going to start to learn about graphing.  We will also be working with matching our numbers to their word and number recognition through mystery pictures. 


-What we will be working on-

We are going to be finishing our Author Study at the beginning of the week and then we will be starting to review things like abcs, word wall words, colors, shapes, hand-writing, ect. 

Letters: Aa, Ee Ii, Oo, Uu long sounds

Words: Where & Come

Writing:  We’ve taken a little break from our journals for our plant study and author study so we will be going back to our journals and really focusing again on our letter formation and extending our thoughts.  Our goal will be to fill the page with our writing adding more detail to our writing.      

Math:  Money!  We are going to take a little peak into money learning how much each coin is worth and counting it up (mostly just the pennies, nickels, and dimes). 


-Things to work on at home-

Read, read, read!

Counting to 100-By 1s, 5s, & 10s. 

Our sight Words (knowing them instantly and writing them), we’re at 40!!