May 30th - June 2nd 2017

End of the year assessments are in full swing and I am so excited about our growth!!! I do a lot of whole group assessments so it’s not a “scary test” atmosphere but this also makes it hard when kids are gone. Please try your best to send your kiddos to school every day!! We’re almost at the finish line and I’m hoping to finish strong with a good jump start into 1st grade!


-Upcoming Events

June 2nd (Friday): Field Trip Day!!

June 3rd (Saturday): 80’s themed dance from 6-8

June 7th (Wednesday): Graduation Parade through the Elementary School

June 9th (Friday): Special Event *The kids don’t know but I am having a dear friend of mine come do a painting class with our kiddos!!

June 14th (Wednesday): Field Day

June 20th (Tuesday): Last Day of School


-What we’ve been learning- 

We have started our community helpers study.  We will be continuing this for the next few weeks.  So far we’ve covered Teachers and started Police Officers. 

Letters: Review of all the letters and sounds

Words: Where & Come

Writing:  Community Packets are taking up all our writing time as we get used to how to fill them out.  There’s four different pages per helper so we’ve been working on how to brainstorm, fill in a web, and how to write a sentence based from our previous work. 

Math:  We continued and finished up our unit about money. They did so good with this unit!! Counting money is hard stuff if the coins are mixed together but they did really well and have for the most part mastered counting coins of the same kind!   


-What we will be working on-

We will be continuing our community helper study. 

Letters: Review of all the letters and sounds

Words: Review of all 40 word wall words plus some key words they need to know

Writing:  We are back to our journals! We’ll be focused on using the whole space filled with our ideas.        

Math:  Review of teen numbers with base ten blocks and extra ones along and counting on. 


-Things to work on at home-

Read, read, read!

Writing!  Have them write about their day, lists, little notes, etc.  Sounding out what they are writing and only writing the letters they hear the sound for not random extra letters to make the word look big.   

Our sight Words (knowing them instantly and writing them), we’re at 40!!



Ashley Fulton