November 5th - 9th 2018

What a nice week!!  We are finally back to the normal schedule with no interruption but of course are at that time of year where we are going to have some craziness for the next two weeks.  First up, our 3-day weekend for Veteran’s Day followed by just a 2.5-day week for Thanksgiving break!  We’ve got lots of learning to do in the midst of the crazy along with some fun stuff thrown in throughout the mix.  I will be doing my best next week to get 3rd week progress monitoring complete despite the loss of a day. 

Our Friendsgiving feast is one of my all-time favorite things we do in the classroom and I can’t wait to share it with this group of kiddos!! They get so excited about everything.  Make sure to be checking our website for occasional photo updates!!


A huge shout out to our Veteran’s!! Thank you for your service!


-Upcoming Events-

Monday, November 12th: No School

Friday, November 16th: Book Orders Due

Wednesday, November 21st: Friendsgiving Day Feast *More info behind this newsletter*

Wednesday, November 21st: 12:10 Dismissal

Thursday & Friday, November 22nd-23rd: No School, Thanksgiving Break


-What we’ve been learning-

Letters: a & g

Words: a & to

Numbers: Number tracks & numbers 6-10


-What we will be working on-

Letters: d & s

Words: a, to, am, & little

Numbers: Number tracks & numbers 6-10


-Things to work on at home-

Tying shoes, writing nicely, sounding out words, buttoning/zipping jackets by self,