October 30th - November 3rd 2017

First off, THANK you!! Thank you for taking the time to come and meet with me this week so we could talk about your kiddo.  Thank you to my Halloween party volunteers for helping make the party a huge success.  And thank you to those of you that sent in goods for the party!! I couldn’t have these fun events if it wasn’t for you!


Secondly, I am so glad to be over these half days!! With the shortened days it made it hard to do a lot and it through some kids off with a different schedule but overall the kids did amazing once they realized everything else was still the same just way shorter. 


And last but not least please be sending your kiddos to school with jackets and good shoes.  With the fall weather upon us our outdoor recesses are getting less and less but we try to get them outdoors as much as possible.


-Upcoming Events-

Rockin Rockets Assembly for Caring: Monday, November 6th, 2017 from 10:20-10:50

Veterans Day Assembly: Thursday, November 9th 2017 from 10:20-10:50

No School: Friday, November 10th 2017

Early Release for Thanksgiving Break: Wednesday, November 22nd 2017

Thanksgiving Break: Thursday & Friday, November 23rd & 24th 2017


-What we’ve been learning-

Letters: Review all letters and sounds

Words: Review all 6 sight words

Numbers: Review numbers 0-10, writing, knowing by sight, and counting


-What we will be working on-

Letters: Tt

Words: a & to

Numbers: Numbers 6-10 & number tracks


-Things to work on at home-

Tying shoes

Getting their jackets on by themselves

Buttoning their pants