Week 17 Update

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and a great new year but boy am I happy to be back!! We hit the ground running this week and the kids did very well!  This cold snap we are in is a little much though! Please make sure your child comes to school dressed for the weather or at least brings an extra jacket, hat, and/or gloves to school every day.  Even in the cold our kiddos are going outside to run around in the beautiful sunshine some recesses. 


-Upcoming Events-

January 13th (Friday): Jog-A-Thon Assembly from 1:05-1:45 *Students who earned to throw a pie from the jog-a-thon will finally get to!

January 13th (Friday): Book Orders Due

January 16th (Monday): No School

January 27th (Friday): No School


-What we’ve been learning- 

Reviewing the rules and expectations in the classroom and around the school. 

Letters: Ii

Word: he and for

Math: More than, Less than


-What we will be working on-

Doing our best, no matter what!  We talk a lot about how it’s ok not to know but it’s not ok to not try, with that in mind we are going to focus on trying our hardest and doing our best work all the time. 

Letters: Bb & Nn

Word: me, she, & with

Math: Bigger & Smaller, Longer & Shorter, Position Words (above, below, beside, etc.)


-Things to work on at home-

Letter sounds

Counting to 100

Sounding out words

Getting their jackets/gloves/hats on themselves (and hopefully not taking an extra 10 minutes)