Week 18 Update

Dear Parents/Guardians:


Good Grief, I feel like a broken record at this point but what a crazy week!!!!  Before the snow came we were doing some great work with our new words (we’re up to 16 words now) and our new letters. 

We will continue to work with these new words along with the letters and review all of our letters. 

We will also be doing third week progress monitoring like we do every month.  Students who end third week progress monitoring with 20 correct sounds or more will be given SAM books.  These books are meant to be read at home with the family then returned to school to get the next book.  As more students get these books I won’t always be able to listen to them read them in the classroom at least not the same day they are brought back but I will try to send them with new books every time they bring them back. 


-Upcoming Events-

January 13th (Friday): Jog-A-Thon Assembly ***Cancelled, will be rescheduled***

January 13th (Friday): Book Orders Due

January 16th (Monday): No School

January 27th (Friday): No School


-What we’ve been learning- 

Doing our best, no matter what!  We talked about how it’s ok not to know but it’s not ok to not try, with that in mind we are focusing on trying our hardest and doing our best work all the time. 

Letters: Bb & Nn

Word: me, she, & with

Math: Bigger & Smaller, Longer & Shorter, Position Words (above, below, beside, etc.)


-What we will be working on-

We are going to continue to work on trying our best since we didn’t get enough of it due to snow, but we’re also going to focus on team work.  We sit in table groups of four in the classroom and are going to work on working together to accomplish tasks in the classroom. 

Letters: We will be continuing with letters Bb & Nn along with reviewing the ABC’s

Word: me, she, & with

Math: Teen Numbers


-Things to work on at home-

Letter sounds

Counting to 100

Sounding out words

Getting their jackets/gloves/hats on themselves (and hopefully not taking an extra 10 minutes)