Week 22 Update

Dear Parents/Guardians:


Thank you so much to those that have sent in donations for Valentine’s Day!! These sort of celebrations could never happen without your support and I truly appreciate it!


-Upcoming Events-

February 10th (Friday): Book Orders Due

February 10th (Friday): Family Movie Night showing Trolls at 6pm bring a can of food to donate

February 14th (Tuesday): Valentine’s Day Party *Valentines are more than welcome but please just have your child write who they are from*

February 17th (Friday): Snow Make Up Day *I will be having a sub in the morning*

February 20th (Monday): No School

February 23rd (Thursday): 100th Day of Kindergarten


-What we’ve been learning- 

We reviewed that a student’s job is to do their best and learn.    During these discussion there was a lot of talk about being tired, not feeling well, or being hungry.  I do understand tis the season for feeling a little crummy with all the different sick bugs around but please if your child is sick don’t send them to school, it’s really hard for them to focus on their work and do their best when they are not feeling well and/or half asleep. 

Letters: Dd & Kk

Words: look & see

Writing: Uppercase letters only for beginning of sentences and names & finger spaces

Math: We reviewed numbers, 0-20, counted, and started looking at simple addition. 


-What we will be working on-

How to be scientist.  Now that we are studying animals we have to be scientist a lot and two things that are never a great tool in kindergarten are patients and quietness which is making it harder for some to observe our fishy friends. 

Letters: Ff

Words: they, you, of

Writing: Letter formation- tall letters go from hat line to foot line and small letters go from mid-line to foot line. 

Math: Simple addition


-Things to work on at home-

Letter sounds

Counting to 100

Our sight Words (knowing them instantly and writing them), we’ll be up to 21 this coming up week

Getting their jackets/gloves/hats on themselves (and hopefully not taking an extra 10 minutes)…we’re almost there!!  Seriously we are so close!!!