Week 5 Update

         Letters                         Words                     Math

We focused on letters Oo, Pp, Qq, Rr, and Ss

Oo---Ollie Octapus

Pp---Peewee Penguin

Qq---Quincy Quail

Rr---Robby Rabbit

Ss---Sammy Snake

Ask your student about these. Some of us know the name, sound, character, and/or motion

Our readers are improving every day!!!

This week we reviewed the words I and am and started to focus on the words the and little.  Look for the book “Little Me” in your child’s Friday Folder and let them read it to anyone and everyone that will listen!! 

We are continuing to focus on numbers 0-10 with our focus on numbers 6-10.  We are really focusing on what numbers look like by sight…the number itself and the objects in the pictures.