Week 3

          Letters                      Words                       Math

We focused on letters

Aa, Bb, Cc, Dd, and Ee

Aa---Alli Alligator

Bb---Bubba Bear

Cc---Catina Cat

Dd---Deedee Deer

Ee---Ellie Elephant

Ask your student about these. Some of us know the name, sound, character, and/or motion. 

We’ve got readers in room 202!!!

Our word this week was I along with am (though we’ll be focusing more on am this week).  Look for the book “I am” in your child’s Friday Folder and let them read it to anyone and everyone that will listen!!

In math we are focusing on numbers 0-10.  Not only are we counting but we are showing what the number looks like and what order they belong in. 

We are really working on counting objects as objects and not just counting to count. For example we count sticks to represent how many days we've been in school and instead of counting each stick we're still just speed counting as high as we can.