Mrs. Kerker's Second Grade

Specialist Schedule
Monday - Art
Tuesday - CLC
Wednesday - PE, Art
Thursday - Music
Friday - PE
*Please have your child wear tennis shoes on P.E. days

*20 min. of reading 5x a week
*Practice spelling words
*Practice addition and subtraction math facts
(Have your child teach you Addition and Subtraction Top-It with a deck of playing cards.)

*Spelling Words and Reading Log go home on Monday.  The Reading Log needs to be returned the following Monday.

Educational Links for extra practice at home:

Students of the Month
Congratulations to Bo Muske, Austin Young and Samantha Tippit for being our March Students of the Month.  They are students who are always safe at school.  We are proud of you!

Week of April 23rd-April 27th
Spelling Words
1. phone
2. laugh
3. graph
4. rough
5. enough
6. tough
7. cough
8. ticket
9. backtrack
10. duckling
11. photo
12. clang
*Spelling tests will be each Friday

Phonics: Consonant Patterns ph, gh, ck, ng
Story: Horace and Morris but Mostly Dolores
Genre: Fantasy
Comprehension: Character and Setting

Coin Identification and Counting - We will be learning to identify coins and their values and will be practicing counting various money amounts.

To go along with our reading text this week, we will be creating our own clubhouse.  We will then be writing a narrative story describing the clubhouse and describing what adventures might take place in it.  We will be focusing on using descriptive words and writing multiple paragraphs.  We will also be working through the entire writing process - prewrite, rough draft, revise/edit, final draft.

    Behavior Expectations
                        We are...
C - Caring
R - Respectful, Responsible
E - Engaged
S - Safe
Animation of Rocket blue and red by danjiro

Friday Folders
All papers will go home on Friday.  Please help your child to remember to return their Friday Folder each week. Thank you!

Upcoming Events
*April 30th-May 4th BOGO Book Fair in the portable

In Need
We are currently running low on snacks and would love any donations you could send in.  Thank you!!!

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