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Kindergarten: Kinders are working on mastering steady beat, fast/slow movements, and we are starting high versus low sounds and learning to use their four voices (speaking, singing, whisper and calling). Songs we will be singing are "Wake up you sleepy head" "Grizzly Bear" "Doggie, Doggie Where's You're Bone" "Naughty Kitty Cat" "Carnival of the Animals" by Sant Saens. Students will be practicing skills through singing songs, playing music games and instruments to help them identify the new skills learned. 

1st grade: First graders are learning the difference between beat and rhythm (ta and ti-ti), they are working on mastering high versus low sounds (so versus do) and continuing to use their singing voices and steady beat. Songs they are singing include: "Apple Tree," "Charlie Over the Ocean" "Blue Hat" "Grizzly Bear" "Bear Hunt" "Doggie, Doggie, Where's Your Bone" "Naughty Kitty Cat" "When I'm walking down the Street" "One, two tie my shoe" "Step in Time" from Mary Poppins. Skills learned include: four voices, loud/soft, fast/slow, high/low, and steady beat.

2nd Grade: Second graders are learning skills including: Practicing "do", Introducing "tika-tika" and learning a new song "Old Brass Wagon" At the end of the lesson, students should be able to say the following "I can" statements: 

1.      I can   sing melodic patterns .   

2.      I can   clap rhythmic patterns

Other songs in 2nd grade include "Ring around the Rosie (Mystery song)"  and "Dinah"

3rd Grade:  Students will  learn/review that 4/4 meter is a time signature with 4 beats in a measure, with the first beat of each measure being the strongest: review 2/4 meter, barlines, double barline, etc.   

I Can Statements:

1.      I can    identify strong and weak beats.   

2.      I can   identify measures.

Essential Question: Why do we use barlines?

4th Grade:  We are officially re-starting Recorders! This year, students will be progressing on their recorder skills with the Recorder Karate system. Each song played successfully earns a new belt. January 4th-19th belt is White. Students need to play each piece with accurate timing (beat/rhythm), tounging (ask your student!) and pitch (correct notes). When they pass, they will earn a belt to tie on their recorder! White belt song is "Hot Cross Buns". 

***Parents who wish to purchase a recorder for your student to practice at home are welcome to shop around, but I highly recommend these: ***

Practice, practice, practice! 

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

5th Grade: 5th graders are going to be doing a CBA (Classroom Based Assessment) for Music. They will be asked to write a musical composition that is 4 measures long. 

******Note to Honor Choir students/Parents. Honor Choir Concert Saturday March 17th. Students need to arrive by 8:45a.m. Be sure to send your student with a sack lunch and a nice outfit to wear for the concert (Make sure it's Green for St. Patrick's Day) Concert will begin promptly at 4:00p.m.***

Middle School Choir: Great job on the Choir Contest, our students did a great job singing and the judges had some very helpful tips to improve. 
Dates to keep in mind:

Final Spring Concert May 22nd. 7PM Castle Rock High School

Can't wait to see you at one of our up-coming Music events!


Mrs. Larsen
Rochelle Larsen,
Nov 19, 2017, 10:53 PM