Mrs. Larsen's Music Notes

Welcome Parents and Students to a New School Year!

Welcome Back!

Changes for 2017/2018: This year I will be teaching K-5 general music and 6-8 Middle School Choir. There will be no beginning band until 6th Grade with Mrs. Dietz. 5th Grade music will be a combination of playing instruments in the classroom: recorders, drums, mallet percussion, etc. and will focus on learning to read and decipher music notation. Parents, if you have any questions, feel free to email Aimee or myself. 

Elementary School: Grades K-3 will be general music classes. No outside materials are needed to participate. Grades 4-5 will be using recorders and folders to hold music in. I will send out more information regarding recorders after the first week of school including information on how you can purchase one for your student(s) (if you dare!)

Kindergarten/1st grade: In Kindergarten, we are targeting skills for keeping a steady beat, singing with what's known as the "head voice" and practicing social development skills with group games and activities.  In 1st grade, students will be working on refining the skills learned in Kindergarten by becoming more mindful of the steady beat, singing with the "head voice" and using cooperative learning to play group games. 

2nd Grade: Second graders will be reviewing concepts learned in Kindergarten and 1st grade: Steady beat/rhythm, singing in tune and working on new skills with note identification for ta and ti-ti. 

3rd Grade:  3rd graders are working on reviewing all concepts learned in years past through various games. Beat should be well established for most students, as well as singing in tune.  New concepts will be more difficult rhythms: tika-tika, ti-tika and later on syncopa as well as learning how to sing in a round, the first step to singing 2-part. 

4th Grade:  4th graders will be reviewing all concepts learned in K-3 and will be learning how to interpret music notation by identifying the music scale using both fixed and varied "do".  Students will also be learning to read more complex rhythms in preparation for playing recorders. Recorders will start in October, be on the lookout for more information about recorders in the weeks to come. 

5th Grade:  5th graders will also be reviewing all concepts learned in 4th grade, including skills learned on the recorder. In addition to the recorder, students will be learning how to play the orff instruments (mallet percussion, drums, tambourines, and shakers, etc.)

Middle School Choir: Please see the attached syllabus for the middle school choir and check back often to get access to MP3s of songs for concert repertoire. 
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Rochelle Larsen,
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Rochelle Larsen,
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