The Magnificent McMurrys 4th Grade in Room 403

For June 14 - 20, 2017
Please feel free to contact me any time you have questions and concerns. The best way to reach me is via email at
Here is a quick overview of a few of the things we are working on this week...

Math: MONEY. We are going on "shopping" trips, purchasing items, and determining what we can do with the leftover change. Graduated Cylinders - we are learning how to read them by determining the increments marked on the cylinder.

Reading: we are spending some time reading the book Inside Out & Back Again. This story is written in prose and comes from a girl who is leaving Vietnam due to war times to move to the United States. Through this book we are experiencing what it is like to live in another culture and see life from a different perspective.

We will be focusing a lot of time practicing and performing the
musical play called ...

It's Electrifying!

Parents/guardians - you are invited to the following performance times in the music room:

Thursday, June 15th at 10:20
Friday, June 16th at 9:00

We have 3 songs that we are working on mastering. We are memorizing the lyrics to our songs and working on coordinating our transitions to streamline our presentation.

We will be looking at some important people involved in discovering new things about electricity including Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Alva Edison, and Alexander Graham Bell.
Our current unit of focus is on Electricity 
and Magnets. We'll be looking at building different types of circuits to light a small bulb or run a small motor using a battery as an energy source. We will be testing materials to see whether they are good conductors or insulators. We will attempt to make electromagnets.

Daily Schedule:
8:00 - Check-in, announcements, flag salute, morning work
8:10 - Specialist (M&W=CLC, Tu,Th&F=PE, Th=Music)
8:50 - Continue morning work
9:15 - Math
10:30 - Recess
10:45 - ELA
11:55 - Lunch
12:35 - Reading Intervention and Walk-to Reading/Math
1:05 - Grammar/Paragraph Writing
1:40 - Science/Social Studies (Th. only = PE)
2:40 - Dismissal

NO homework this week.

Reading Log: Students are to read 20 minutes each night, Monday through Thursday each week, record what they've read and have a parent/guardian sign the form to be turned in each Friday. Of course, a student may read much more if they want. If your child loses the reading log, I've attached a copy that can be printed at home, or they can record what they are reading on any piece of paper.

On occasion, other homework will be assigned if work is not completed in class or for special assignments.

If you wonder why I don't assign more homework, here's a good article that explains my perspective: "31 Things Your Kids Should Be Doing Instead of Homework"


Spelling Your student should know which spelling list is current, but I also try to keep the current list on the top. We occasionally spend time in class on this site.
Students have been recently introduced to the computer science field of coding. They login to our classroom site at Each student has a password that they have saved in their planner for this website. As students figure out the steps for passing each level, the levels progressively become more challenging.

Math and ELA Practice - students use their first and last name as well as class code: mcmura to login.

Math - - students have login information
written in their planners. This game is full of math questions similar to what they will be seeing on state testing. Practice on this site will help increase confidence when it comes to state testing.

Keyboarding Student logins follows this pattern in all CAPITALS: 1st 3 letters of first name, 1st 3 letters of last name, and the number 4. Passwords are in CAPS: 1st initial, last initial, and the numbers 1234. It is important that students gain confidence in typing because our state testing must be typed in the spring.
Heidi McMurry,
Sep 28, 2016, 4:18 PM