4th Grade News

For the Week of December 10 - 14, 2018

Mrs. McMurry Room 403 - email: hmcmurry@crschools.org, phone 360-501-2910 ext. 1403
Mrs. Paget Room 404 - email: tpaget@crschools.org
, phone 360-501-2910 ext. 1404
Mrs. Smith Room 401 - email: lsmith@crschools.org
, phone 360-501-2910 ext. 1401
Mrs. Swanson Room 402 - email: pswanson@crschools.org
, phone 360-501-2910 ext. 1402

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We continue learning about multiplication and different ways to represent it. We continue working with factors and multiples and distinguishing the difference between the two: factor x factor = multiple.

We will be able to identify all prime numbers up to 100, and know they are prime because they only have TWO factors: 1 and the number itself.

Please keep working with your child to build fact fluency - 
flashcards are a great tool for this.

Science kits went back to ESD112 last week. Our next kit arrives in January. We will be studying Environments.

Websites used in class can be used at home too:
Math www.prodigygame.com/play - students will have login information written in their planners. This game is full of math questions similar to what we will be studying in class. Practice on this site will help increase confidence in solving different types of problems. Math problems are often aligned to skills we are working on in class.

Math Tutorials/Math HELP!:
Visit the Khan Academy to watch YouTube tutorials on math concepts taught in 4th grade. Students will get a chance to practice their skills to help them master the topics.

Amplify Fractions: gain a better understanding of fractions by going through a series of lessons and practice problems at 


Daily Schedule 
Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri.
  8:05 - Check-in, morning work
  8:15 - Reading Intervention
  9:00 - Specialist 
  9:45 - Core 1
  11:35 - Recess
  11:55 - Lunch
  12:20 - Core 2
  2:00 - AVID / Extra Specialist
  2:45 - Dismissal

Schedule for Wed.
Early Release Days:
  8:05 - Check-in, morning work
  8:15 - Math Intervention
  8:55 - Specialist
  9:35 - Core 1
  11:35 - Recess
  11:55 - Lunch 
  12:20 - Core 2
  1:45 - Dismissal

Students are to read a minimum of 30 minutes each night, five days per week, record what they've read in their planner and have a parent/guardian sign that they agree with what was recorded. This will be checked each Friday. 

On occasion, other homework will be assigned if work is not completed in class or for special assignments.

If you wonder why we don't assign more homework, here's a good article that explains our perspective: "31 Things Your Kids Should Be Doing Instead of Homework"  http://www.parent.co/31-things-your-kids-should-be-doing-instead-of-homework/

Computer Science Websites:


Students are introduced to the computer science field of coding. 

Computer science coding. This is a fun site to practice coding to create a moving 

(Reading and Writing):

STORIES Why the Sea is Salty

SKILL: Main Idea and Supporting Details
              Citing Evidence from the Text

Spelling/Word Analysis Prefixes dis-, non-, re-

Social Studies:
Landforms and Regions of 
Washington State

Native Americans of 
Washington State


ELA and Math practice: 
This website provides practice for students that meets them at their current learning levels. To log in: students type in their first and last names and enter the appropriate class code ~
McMurry/Smith: 2d9w5w