Perfect Paget's 4th Grade Class

Class Novel 
Dear Mr. Henshaw


 Week 10 for Blue group, Yellow groupGreen group, and   March 29 

Students should have spelling words written in their planners.  Our subscription to spelling city has expired, but they can still use the free version.  

Our Daily Schedule
8:00   Start time/morning activities
8:30   Reading/Language Arts (ELA)
9:40   *Specialist 
10:20 Recess
10:40 Math and Science with Mrs. Swanson
11:40 Lunch/Recess
12:45 Intervention/Enrichment
1:20  Homeroom
1:50   **Variety
2:25  Planners, lockers, clean-up
2:40  Dismiss

*Mon-CLC, Tues&Thurs-PE, Wed- Art, Fri- Music
**Mon-Art, Tues-CASS (Social Skills), Thurs-AVID (Study Skills),  Fri-Reward

On Wednesday Early Release days our schedule will be:
8:00   Start time/morning activities
8:15   Math and Science with Mrs. Swanson
9:30   Art
10:10 Reading/Language Arts (ELA)
10:40 Recess
11:00 Math Intervention
11:40 Lunch/Recess
12:45 Homeroom
1:20  Planners, lockers, clean-up
1:40  Dismiss

Upcoming Events:

March 30 Early Release

April 2-6 Spring Break

Contact info: