Mrs. Peeler's Second Grade

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As of Jan 19th Football,Tag or any contact sport has been banned in 2nd grade at recess. Please do not let your child bring footballs to school. Thank you.     

SNACK SNACK SNACK we are out.  The kiddos would greatly appreciate it for their tummies! Thank you so much!!!

Congratulations to Liam, Aneira and Lukas for winning the Rockin' Rockets award for being  Safe!
Spelling Words for the month of April

Week of 23rd-27th Carl the Complainer
unsafe, preheat, rerun, disappear, unlock, discolor, rewind, unpack, unplug, regroup, preschool, disagree

Spelling Words for the month of May
Week of 1st-4th Bad Dog, Dodger!
knock, sign, knee, wrong, write, climb, wrap, wren, gnat, lamb, comb, knob

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 Mrs. Karen Peeler
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Read 20 minutes a night
Math practice your math facts weekly.
Spelling practice your spelling weekly.


Coming soon...2nd grade Field Trip..
Your ASB needs to be paid in order to go. We will be asking for chaperones that have been cleared of their background check through Liz