Mrs. Peeler's Second Grade

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As of Jan 19th Football,Tag or any contact sport has been banned in 2nd grade at recess. Please do not let your child bring footballs to school. Thank you.     

 Jan. 11,2018

Dear Families,

I’m on the reading adoption committee and part of my job is to preview the two choices presented for ELA. I will be spending two weeks on each curriculum. The first is starting Jan 16th. We will not be doing spelling tests during this trial period. I will post a notice when I begin the second two week trial.


Thank you,

Mrs. Peeler

Our story will be Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday by Judith Viorst

The students loved the first week of the new reading curriculum. The story was a BIG hit! We are working on words with ch, tch,sh, th, wh

 We are completely out of snacks! PLEASE send some in if at all possible. Thank you!

Congratulations to Madison   and Emma  for winning the Rockin' Rockets award for being Respectful !

Spelling Words for the month Januar

A Weed is a Flower
Week of ON HOLD
sooner   soonest   hotter   hottest  busier   busiest
happier   happiest   smaller   smallest   fatter   fattest

A Froggy Tale
Week of ON HOLD
ankle  title   apple   cable   purple   able
bugle   bundle   bubble   giggle   sparkle   tickle

Specialist Schedule

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Password: H3RL9

                                   Contact Information:
 Mrs. Karen Peeler
360-501-2910 EXT 1107

Dear Families,

Please note 2nd grade Reading Fluency Score Rubric will be used for your child's Fluency grade on the Semester 1 report card.
Words Per Minute (WPM)
                                 114+                3+
                                 88-114             3     
                                 40-87               2
                                 39 or less        1    


Mrs. Peeler's 2nd Grade Calendar

Remember School Starts at

Read 20 minutes a night
Math practice your math facts weekly.
Spelling practice your spelling weekly.


  • January-No School 15th MLK jr day
  • Non student day 27th