Mrs. Smith's Second Grade Class

 Please check Friday folders for the weekly spelling words and Reading Log Homework.

Notice: We are working to adopt a new reading curriculum. For the next two weeks we will be working with the curriculum to see how our students respond. Mrs. Peeler has already done her trial and found it to be great.

Week ending Feb. 9th, 2018

Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday we have P.E. this year. The floor is beautiful and shiny and we are asking that your children bring appropriate shoes for class on those days.

Wednesdays are C.L.C. (library) days this year. Once check out has started, please make sure your child brings their book back to school every Tuesday. I have several books in the classroom that the students are welcome to borrow from me also.

We have Art this year as a specialist class!!! I am excited to see the creations that will come!! Friday is the day they see Mrs. Little for this new class.

Tuesday is Music day with Mrs. Larsen.

We have new spelling words each week. The list comes home in Friday folders for the following week. This week the spelling words are consonant digraphs : arch, brush, chase, dash, ditch, hatch, mouth, patch, path, pinch, shell, thick, (bonus words: whale, whisk, wish)
The curriculum this week will be concentrating on understanding what we read. The students will be working on seeing how characters affect the beginning, middle, and end of a story. 

 Math is all about adding those 2 digit numbers with carrying (regrouping). Please work on math facts with your child at home. Memorizing simple addition...7+2 etc. will greatly help them with double digit addition.