Mrs. Tolon's 1st Grade Class

1st Graders Rock!

1st grade is an important year in building foundational reading and math fluency skills. The best way to help your child in this important year is to read and practice math facts at home. 

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Working On...

ELA: Wednesday, May 17- Tuesday, May 23
  • "Peter's Chair"- (compound words) 
  • Spelling Words: backpack, outside, baseball, herself, flashlight, bluebird, lunchbox, suitcase, inside, brainstorm, picture, remember 
  • High Frequency Words: picture, stood, room, though, remember 
* Homework goes home each Wednesday and is due the following Tuesday. We have a spelling test each Tuesday. 

Math: May 22- June 1  
  • Comparing Numbers   
Starfall     ABCYA    Reading Eggs  McGraw Hill Fact Mathematics- Fact Dash