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 Teacher: Ms. Jeana Bayes                        Email:                        Phone: 360-501-2910

Hello Families!   Welcome to our kinder website. We are so happy that we now have this wonderful opportunity to share what we are learning with you every week.  We will constantly update our site so you can see all of the delightful things that are taking place in this amazing classroom full of kinders. 


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June 5-9

Important Information To Know:

Upcoming Events:

June 7 - The graduating seniors will be walking down the halls of CRES. Our kiddos will be recognizing the seniors and all of their accomplishments! We are so proud of our 2017 grads! 


What we are learning: 

*Behavior: We are continuing to work hard every day to learn as much as we can before we move on to first grade.  

*Letters: We will not be learning any new letters for the rest of the year, but we will continue to review all of the tricky sounds and blends. 

*Words: Review words come, there, was, where*** We will  also be introducing first grade sight words to those that have already mastered their kindergarten sight words for the year.  Keep working hard kiddos!

*Writing: Letter formation, finger spaces, and correct punctuation. We are also beginning to learn about the question mark. 
    ***Journal writing: Writing either two sentences about a topic, or writing one sentence with two ideas using the word and to connect two         ideas. 

***We will be starting a new type of classroom journal this week. Be on the look out for pages being sent home.  This type of journal "squiggle" is their favorite writing of the year. 

*Math: We have now switched to learning about basic subtraction by using pictures, objects,and numbers and counting to 100.  We will continue working on this topic for the next couple of weeks. 

*Home practice: 

    -SAM Books   **I am so proud of all of the kiddos for working so hard on their Sam books at home.  Thank you for all of your help with                                     working with them.  It is really paying off.     Keep it up!   We currently have 8 kiddos that have completed all 52 of the                             books.  I look forward to seeing other students progress as well.

    -Letter sounds

    -Our sight words (knowing them and spelling them): I, am, the , little, a, to, is, my, like, he, me, have, for, she, with, see, look, they,                 you,of, from, go, with, one, two, three, four, five, six, where, what, was, here, come     

    -Personal Growth: buttoning and unbuttoning pants/jackets, using manners, and cleaning up their space better

        **We are also really focusing on keeping our space clean at the lunch table and within our work space in the classroom. 


      Classroom Daily Schedule                 Classroom Specialist Schedule

    8:00-8:15          Morning Work                                      Monday: Computers

    8:15-8:25          Morning Meeting                                     Tuesday: PE

    8:25-8:55          Whole Group Reading                                    Wednesday: CLC & Social Group

    8:55-9:25          Extended work activities                                  Thursday: PE

    9:25-9:45          Small Group Reading and Sam Books                          Friday: Music

    9:50-10:05         Recess

    10:10-11:00        Writing / Writing Journals

    11:00-11:30        Peer Reading, Art, Science

    11:30-12:15        Lunch / Recess                                                                                          

    12:15-1:00         Math

    1:00-1:05           Transition to Specialist

    1:05-1:45           PE / Music / Library

    1:50-2:15           Art / Science / Birthday Celebrations

    2:15-2:25           Pack Up / Clean Up

    2:25-2:30           Transition to Bus / Pick Up Area