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 Teacher: Ms. Jeana Bayes                        Email:                        Phone: 360-501-2910

Hello Families!   Welcome to our kinder website. We are so happy that we now have this wonderful opportunity to share what we are learning with you every week.  We will constantly update our site so you can see all of the delightful things that are taking place in this amazing classroom full of kinders. 


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Classroom Daily Schedule                Specialist Schedule           Important Dates      

    8:00-8:15        Morning Work                          Monday: PE & Ms. Bruce         May 9: Rockin Rockets

    8:15-8:25        Morning Meeting                       Tuesday: Art                     May 27: Memorial Day

    8:25-8:55        Fundations Phonics                     Wednesday: Music                May 28: Contingency Day

    9:15-9:30        Recess                                 Thursday: CLC                                    

    9:30-9:45        Snack                                  Friday: PE                                         

    9:45-10:30       Intervention (Rocket Time)                                                     

    10:30-10:50      Recess

    10:55-11:15      Lunch

    11:20-12:15      Reading/Writing

    12:15-12:25      Go Noodle/Brain Break   

    12:25-1:10       Math

    1:15-1:55        Specialist

    1:55-2:10        Recess

    2:15-2:25        Clean Up/Pack UP

    2:30-2:35        Transition to Bus/Pick Up Area

Students of the Month for September:  Annalise Baszler and Mark Chambers

Students of the Month for October:  Audrey Higginbothom and Karver Hawkins

Students of the Month for November/December:  Scarlet Evans and Branson Bennett

Students of the Month for January: Malisa Orme and Ethan Smith 

Students of the Month for February: Rylee Smith and Savannah Hunter

Students of the Month for March: Astra Bustamante and Kali Boyd

Students of the Month for April: Haddyn Settlemeir, Evan Doble, and Mickey Twaro

Our class is so impressed with all of these student's behavior!  Congratulations! 

Upcoming Events:

****If we can turn in all of our students' library books, we will have a class party. We currently have 5 library books still checked out to different students. Please check at home to see if you have your books and bring them back this week. 

***Field day is the last Wednesday before school is out for the summer.  We are so excited to partake in this activity.  It is so fun. 

What we are learning: 

    -Letters: We have worked extensively on all of the letters of the alphabet as well as the sound each letter makes.  We are now currently 
    working  blending sounds together to make words.  We are also working our sounding out our words to write complete sentences. 

    -Numbers:  We worked heavily on numbers 1-10, and we have working heavily on our number line and using it correctly to
     help us find missing numbers.  We are now working our way to being able to identify teen numbers as well as counting to 100
     Working on teen numbers has been a breeze and are now beginning to work on adding and subtracting within 5.  We will play a lot of 
     dice and domino games to help us use our minds in a different way. 

    -Sight words:I, am, the, little, a, to, have, is, we, my, like, me, he, look, they, you, go, yellow, blue, green, with, of, for

    -Personal Growth: waiting my turn, raising my hand to speak at carpet time, cleaning up my lunch area, and giving compliments are the
         areas we are working.
       on in class.  Any extra help from home would be appreciated. 

        **We are also really focusing on keeping our space clean at the lunch table and within our work space in the classroom. 

    -Keep up those Sam books at home.  I am so proud of all my students with their take home books.
    Sam book practice is really coming along.  Thank you for continuing to help your child at home.  Reading is progressing among all
    students within our classroom daily. Thank you. 

*Home practice: (It would be great if you would spend 15 extra minutes daily on the areas above).

Field Trip Update:  We had the absolute best time on our field trip last week.  The zoo was so fun and we got to see so may wonderful animals. 

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