Ms. Thornton's 2nd Grade Rockets

Upcoming Events: 
Our Musical is the first week of June. We have an 8:15 and 1:30 show on Monday,Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. 10:30 on Wednesday. Email me to reserve your tickets now!

Remember PE shoes every Wednesday and Thursday.


Homework Policy:

1. Students should be reading every single day. There is assigned reading Monday-Thursday and there is a simple reading log, combined with their behavior log that needs to be signed by parents each night.

2. Students should study their spelling words daily as well. Should a student fail two tests in a row, they will be provided with written homework to help them approach studying their words in a different way. The testing schedule will be announced weekly. In general, tests are given on Thursdays.

3. If a student does not finish work in class, it may be given to them to complete at home. This would be noted on their reading/behavior log. 

4. Students may be given flashcards of different words or math facts to study if they are struggling with mastering 1st grade high frequency words or math facts.