Ms. Thornton's 4th Grade Rockets

Upcoming Events: 

-Field Day is June 14th. All 4th graders are to wear a green shirt. Things might get a little messy, so old shoes and bottoms are preferred. Also, sunscreen and a hat would be a good idea.
-"It's Electrifying" musical presentations will be held on June 15th and 16th, invitation here.

 -June 16th play video, click here.

Homework Policy:

1. Students should be reading every single day. There is assigned reading Monday-Thursday and there will always be a short activity or a couple of questions for the students to answer about the reading.

2. Students should study their multiplication tables every night. Having automacity in math facts is the key to students not stressing when attempting more complex problem-solving. There are fun ways to study your math facts. One great site is  There are a variety of games and levels available on this site. I also recommend multiplication songs. If you google the different facts, you can find all different kinds of songs for all of them! 

3. Students should study their spelling words daily as well. Should a student fail two tests in a row, they will be provided with written homework to help them approach studying their words in a different way. The testing schedule will be announced weekly. In general, tests are given on Thursdays.