Mrs. Summer Catlin, Speech-Language Pathologist

                          MAY IS BETTER HEARING AND SPEECH MONTH


This month our students have been learning about all the different forms of communication. 
How many can you and your child name together? 
To learn more about communication disorders check out our bulletin boards by the gym and the speech therapy room!  
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How to help when your child won't communicate or "shuts down"
 Try drawing pictures with your child to help them calm down and let you know what they are needing. Your pictures can show what they are doing, what their face looks like, how everyone in the situation is feeling and/or what you are expecting them to do or say.


  • READ, READ, READ! Reading books with your child is an excellent way to build language skills.
  • Have your child name objects that they see or help them name things while you are driving, cooking, etc.
  • Take your child grocery shopping and help them label or pick out something new from different categories (fruit, vegetables, etc.)
  • Have your child practice saying 5 words (containing the sound they are working on) before brushing their teeth and again after brushing.
  • Play board games and include words or sentences to practice every time they take a turn.
  • Explain sequences, such as steps in cooking, and ask them to help you look at recipes and describe what the next step might be.
  • Don't forget the "why"! Children benefit from language to describe why things happen.

At what age should your child be pronouncing words clearly?
 The chart below may help you to see if they are right on track