Ms Sanders

Welcome to Room 409--Ms. Sanders--3rd grade!



ELA:  Main idea is a tough one for 3rd grade, but we have been working A LOT on this skill and I’m seeing the kids get better and better at finding MI. Now we will be focusing on Point of View of the author and characters in a narrative.  For writing practice, we will be writing to prompts, using the three types of writing to meet 3rd grade standards, which are:  Narrative, Opinion, and Informational. 

          The SBAC will be coming before we know it and I’m working hard to get the students ready.  I will be calling some of you to help me and your student by doing some recommended practicing at home of certain skills.  More to come soon on this.

SOCIAL STUDIES:  Our focus question right now is: What was life like for Native Americans before Europeans came into their homelands?  We are learning that immigrant means when someone is originally from another place.  That place can be a country, state, town, or general area.  An example:  Ms. Sanders immigrated North to Clallam Bay from SW Washington.  It’s not a typical term people use for close proximity movement, but immigrate does apply.  Another word we are becoming acquainted with is native.  We are learning that native simply means where someone was originally born; the original place a person came from.  An example:  Ms. Sanders is a native of Washington State. 

In light of current news media and things students may hear on television or from adult discussions, I am focusing these terms as historical and basic, pertaining to our Social Studies and History state standards.  


It has come to my attention that the following need to be addressed:

1.  Joking and teasing with ‘adult-oriented’ humor that may have been seen on TV, video games, and/or movies will not be tolerated at school, in any setting.

2.  Sassing and back-talking to adults has become a bit of a ‘thing’ lately.  We have learned about expected and unexpected behaviors and that how we behave towards others makes them think ‘things’ about us.  Do we want someone to think well about us?  Are we saying things that hurt others because we are frustrated, tired, or hangry?  Our school strives to help our students become socially aware citizens. 

3.  There are a lot of kids just being mean to each other.  Again, how we treat others makes a big difference in how we are treated back.

Your children are very aware of proper social behaviors and I’ve seen some remarkable things so far this year that have made me feel so proud of these kiddos.  Please encourage them to continue showing their best and giving their ‘all’.  We must do this even when we aren’t feeling the best or aren’t understanding the work before us.  WE adults know exactly how hard it is to go to work even when we wish we could just curl up and go back to bed! J  J  Thank you for your continued support to talk with your kids about these things! J J

Report cards went home last Friday, February 1st.  I will be calling parents/guardians to discuss your children's academics further.  I have appreciated your support in the classroom this year!

Ms. Sanders :)