Mrs. Smith's Class: 4th Grade in Room 401

Week of May 21st- May 25th
The best way to reach me is via email at, or call the school office at 360-501-2910.
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The month of May will be packed tightly with test preparation, practice, and actual testing. Other assignments will be put on hold, and we will resume again when testing is over. Please ensure your child gets plenty of sleep and a good breakfast on testing days. We will also provide snacks, encouragement, and extra recess at school. This is a difficult and stressful time for kids, so just remind them to relax, do their best, and trust themselves. They have ALL made amazing growth this year, and I am so proud of them!


Image result for writing imageStudents have been assigned an endangered animal in Mrs. McMurry's class. They will be creating dioramas to make a model of the environment in which the endangered animal lives. In my class, students will be writing a persuasion paper to construct a convincing argument about what we can do to protect their endangered animal.

Students are writing a persuasion paper to take a stand on an issue. We are pretending that someone donated $10,000 dollars to our school, and we have to decide whether to spend it on a covered play area or more technology for classrooms. We started this activity with a debate, then chose a side. We constructed an argument with three main points, and wrote a thesis statement. Students learned to write a good "hook" to draw the reader in. We also learned how to research to find good sources of evidence to back up our claims. This week, we are writing the body of our paper, citing evidence from the articles we found. I am walking students through this process so they will be familiar with the steps when they start their animal persuasion paper.


We are working at applying the grammar skills we have learned this year while going through the editing process of our writing.

Comprehension Skill: Finding Evidence in the Text:

Students are continuing to practice finding evidence in the text to support answers, and correctly citing the evidence.

Image result for 4th grade clipart

Image result for 4th grade clipart

Daily Schedule:

8:00 - Check-in, morning work
8:15 ELA and Social Studies in Homeroom
9:40 - Specialist 
10:20 - Recess
10:35Math and Science in Mrs. McMurry's Classroom
12:00 - Lunch
12:40 - Reading Intervention
1:20 - Math Intervention
1:55 - Class Meeting/Read Aloud
2:40 - Dismissal

Wednesday Schedule for Early Release Days:

8:00 - Check-in, morning work
8:15 - Math and Science in Mrs. McMurry's Classroom
9:30 - Specialist - CLC
10:10 - ELA in Homeroom with Mrs. Smith
10:40 - Recess
10:55 - ELA and Social Studies in Homeroom
11:40 - Lunch The and Recess
12:25 - Lockers, Planners, Clean-up
1:05 - PE
1:40 - Dismissal

Social Studies

Related image
Students are learning about the Coastal and Plateau Native Americans. We are jigsaw reading for information, and are creating compare and contrast
venn diagrams.

Math and Science:

To see what students are doing in Math and Science, please visit Mrs. McMurry's web page by clicking this link: Mrs. McMurry's Web page. This site will also list the websites that are used in Mrs. McMurry's classroom.

Reading Log: Students are to read a minimum of 30 minutes each night, five days each week, record what they've read in their planner and have a parent/guardian sign that they agree with what was recorded. This will be checked each Friday. 

On occasion, other homework will be assigned if work is not completed in class or for special assignments.

If you wonder why we don't assign more homework, here's a good article that explains our perspective: "31 Things Your Kids Should Be Doing Instead of Homework" 

5/24 - 5/25 - 4th Grade Smarter Balance Testing*
5/21 - 5/31 - Final Make-up testing for all
6/8 - 4th & 5th Grade Field Trip to OMSI

Specialist Schedule:

Monday - Art
Tuesday- PE
Wednesday - CLC (Creative Learning Center in the Library) and PE
Thursday- Music
Friday- PE

Websites and Extras: is a great website to help students practice spelling words. Students can choose from a variety of fun games, or have words dictated to take a practice test. At the beginning of the year, students took a spelling assessment to determine their current spelling level. Consequently, lists have been individualized for each student, so they can practice words that are appropriate for them. Using this website is a great way to practice spelling words at home!

PearsonSuccessNet is our reading curriculum website where students can practice vocabulary words that go with our stories. This is also the website where students take their 
Image result for keyboarding image is a valuable site for your child to practice keyboarding. At the end of the year, students will take the Smarter Balanced Assessment on the computer. Students will be required to keyboard extended answers, and write multi-paragraph papers. It can be very difficult for them if they are not able to keyboard fluently. Please have your child practice fifteen minutes a night to ensure they are ready to take the test this spring!