Mrs. Smith's Class: 4th Grade in Room 401

The best way to reach me is via email at, or call the school office at 360-501-2910.
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Classroom Management:  Students learn best in school settings in which they are comfortable and feel safe and accepted. 

For behavior management, Mrs. McMurry and I use a card system. Each student begins the day with five cards: two green, one yellow, one orange, and one red. Throughout the day, a student may lose a card for reasons such as misbehaving, being off task, blurting out answers, etc. The greens and yellow are warnings. If they get down to an orange or red, they will conference with me and will come up with a plan for improvement which may include a call home, note home, talk with Mr. Starkey, loss of a privilege, or written apology. 

Feel free to read over the Behavioral Expectations portions of the Castle Rock Intermediate School Student/Parent Handbook for more details of the school-wide behavioral expectations located here:

Scholastic Book Orders: 

About once a month students will have an opportunity to order books through Scholastic. Please check planners for due dates. 

Parents can order online using the class code of LJLBY at

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Image result for 4th grade clipart

Daily Schedule:

8:05-8:15- Check-in
8:15-8:55- Intervention
9:00-9:40- Specialists
9:40-10:55- Recess
10:00-11:30- Language Arts/Social St.
11:35-11:55- Recess
11:55-12:20- Lunch
12:25- 2:00- Math/Science
2:00-2:45- Homeroom

  Specialist Schedule:

Monday- PE
Tuesday- Art & PE
Wednesday- Music
Thursday- Music
Friday- CLC

Please visit the 4th Grade News webpage to see what is currently happening in all of the 4th-grade classrooms. Follow this link and be sure to bookmark it for future reference:

Our Classroom College is Portland State University! Go Vikings!

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Planners:  The 4th grade supply list included the purchase of a planner at the Elementary Office.

Your child will use it daily to write down what he/she is learning, note upcoming events, record his/her color for the day (which coincides with the behavior chart), and record reading at home.  

Please sign or initial that you have checked your child’s planner every day. If your child orange or red for the day, they will write an explanation as to why they had to pull cards. Be sure to ask them about it. It will be your child’s responsibility to remember to bring the planner home and back to school on a daily basis.

Schoolwide, we are working toward college readiness by teaching and learning skills necessary to be a successful college student.