Mrs. Smith's Class: Week of June 12th- June 16th

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Homework has been suspended for the rest of the year. Please have your child continue to read in the evening, get plenty of rest, and play outside!  
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This week, students will continue to investigate different extended number patterns. This is a pre-algebra concept, and students are enjoying this hands-on math activity! 

Field Trip:  

Permission slips have been sent home for our field trip to the "Chief Lelooska Cultural Museum on June 15th. Students will get to enter a traditional long house, where members of the Lelooska Foundation will perform Native American stories and fables while wearing elaborate masks carved by Chief Lelooska himself. Students will also visit the museum that houses a treasure of Native American artifacts collected from tribes across the United States. Afterward, we will have a picnic lunch at Merwin Dam Park. 

We are C.R.R.E.S!!!

C - Caring
R - Respectful
R - Responsible
E - Engaged
S - Safe


Models & Designs

Students will assume the roles as scientists as they try to figure out what hidden systems look like and how they work. Then, they will turn into engineers as they try to design self-propelled carts from simple construction materials. 

Language Arts

In keeping with our study about Native American culture, we will be reading myths and legends of the Northwest Tribes. This week, we will read "Frog Girl" and "Storm Boy" to find themes we can compare & contrast.

Frog Girl

Storm Boy

June 14-  Field Day

June 15- Field trip to Chief Lelooska

June 20-  Last Day of School. Report cards will be sent home (unless there are any outstanding items to be paid).

Specialist Schedule:

Monday-  CLC (Creative Learning Center)
Tuesday- PE
Wednesday-  Choir
Thursday- PE
Friday- MAGIC (Making a Greater Individual Commitment)

Social Studies

This week, we are continuing to learn about Button Blankets and Chilkat Robes. We are also studying  how Totem Poles were used, and discovering what the animal symbols represented.