Mrs. Smith's Class: 4th Grade in Room 401

Week of November 20th - November 22nd
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Smarter Balanced Practice:

This week, fourth grade students will be taking the practice Smarter Balanced Consortium Assessment (SBAC). The English Language Arts (ELA) practice assessment will give teachers good feedback about what concepts students have mastered, and what concepts we need to focus on. We will be taking the practice test Monday and Tuesday. All curriculum will be put on hold for these two days. We will take the reading/spelling test for "Letters From Yosemite" the following week (after Thanksgiving). Unfortunately,  we were unable to take the test last week because computer carts were being used for fifth and third grade testing. So, please continue to practice vocabulary and spelling words listed on this page. 

Image result for heart map imagesWriting:

This week, we are focusing on personal narratives. We will refer back to the heart maps we created at the beginning of the year, to find "stories that are waiting to be written!" 


Clauses and Complex Sentences

A clause is a group of related words that has a subject and a predicate. 

A dependent clause has a subject and a verb, but cannot stand alone. For example: Whenever she goes to the forest. 

An independent clause can stand alone. For example: Avery brings her camera. 

A complex sentence is made up of two clauses, one dependent clause and one independent clause. For example: When it is hot outside, I like to go swimming. 


"Letters Home from Yosemite"

Yosemite National Park is an amazing place. In one visit, you can see giant trees, towering mountains, and interesting wildlife.  Image result for yosemite image

Comprehension Skill: Main Idea & Details

A passage’s main idea makes a point about the passage’s topic and has at least one supporting detail. Details are smaller pieces of information that tell more about the main idea. 

Vocabulary Words:

glacier- a great mass of ice moving very slowly down a mountain or along a valley

impressive- able to have a strong effect on the mind or feelings

naturalist- a person who studies living things

preserve- to keep from harm or change; protect

slopes- land that goes up and down at an angle

species- a set of related living things that share certain characteristics and that can interbreed

wilderness- a wild region with few or no people living in it 

Image result for 4th grade clipart

Image result for 4th grade clipart

8:00 - Check-in, morning work
8:15 ELA and Social Studies in Homeroom
9:40 - Specialist 
10:20 - Recess
10:35Math and Science in Mrs. McMurry's Classroom
12:00 - Lunch
12:40 - Reading Intervention
1:20 - Math Intervention
1:55 - Class Meeting/Read Aloud
2:40 - Dismissal

Wednesday Schedule for Early Release Days:

8:00 - Check-in, morning work
8:15 - Math and Science in Mrs. McMurry's Classroom
9:30 - Specialist - CLC
10:10 - ELA in Homeroom with Mrs. Smith
10:40 - Recess
10:55 - ELA and Social Studies in Homeroom
11:40 - Lunch and Recess
12:25 - Lockers, Planners, Clean-up
1:05 - PE
1:40 - Dismissal

Social Studies
Image result for washington state images
We are learning about the different regions and natural resources found in Washington State. We are also learning the state flower, bird, tree, flag, etc. 

Math and Science:

To see what students are doing in Math and Science, please visit Mrs. McMurry's web page by clicking this link: Mrs. McMurry's Web page. This site will also list the websites that are used in Mrs. McMurry's classroom.

Reading Log: Students are to read a minimum of 30 minutes each night, five days each week, record what they've read in their planner and have a parent/guardian sign that they agree with what was recorded. This will be checked each Friday. 

On occasion, other homework will be assigned if work is not completed in class or for special assignments.

If you wonder why we don't assign more homework, here's a good article that explains our perspective: "31 Things Your Kids Should Be Doing Instead of Homework" 

Nov. 15 - Early release
Nov. 16- Reading/Spelling Test
Nov. 20 & 21- SBAC Practice Assess.
Nov. 22 - Half-day ~ School releases at noon
Nov. 23- 24 - Thanksgiving Break
Nov. 29 - Early release

Specialist Schedule:

Monday - Art
Tuesday- PE
Wednesday - CLC (Creative Learning Center in the Library) and PE
Thursday- Music
Friday- PE

Websites and Extras: is a great website to help students practice spelling words. Students can choose from a variety of fun games, or have words dictated to take a practice test. At the beginning of the year, students took a spelling assessment to determine their current spelling level. Consequently, lists have been individualized for each student, so they can practice words that are appropriate for them. Using this website is a great way to practice spelling words at home!

PearsonSuccessNet is our reading curriculum website where students can practice vocabulary words that go with our stories. This is also the website where students take their 
Image result for keyboarding image is a valuable site for your child to practice keyboarding. At the end of the year, students will take the Smarter Balanced Assessment on the computer. Students will be required to keyboard extended answers, and write multi-paragraph papers. It can be very difficult for them if they are not able to keyboard fluently. Please have your child practice fifteen minutes a night to ensure they are ready to take the test this spring!