Ms Niemi's 5th Grade Reading/ELA - Week of November 13-17

Welcome to Ms Niemi's 5th grade webpage!  Here you'll find information about our current studies, as well as files and information for this week's homework.

Weekly Lessons - Week of November 13-17



Social Studies


  • Understand new vocabulary words

  • Intro new reading log

  • Intro new spelling words and spelling activity

  • Intro new vocabulary words

  • Comprehension questions

  • Read Chapter 20

  • Applying knowledge of world geography to locate oceans, continents and countries

  • Map Search activity

  • Tuesday

    • Understand new vocabulary words

    • Practice using vocabulary words

    • Introduce concept of comparing and contrasting

    • Pilgrims VS Pioneers Comparison Activity

  • Make text connections while reading

  • Read Chapter 21

  • CLC

  • Wednesday

    • Visualize while reading to monitor comprehension

    • Read “A Day at the Beach” and complete visualization graphic organizer

    • compare/contrast activity

  • Spelling with homeroom

  • AVID - Desk and Binder Checks

  • Thursday

    • Visualize while reading to monitor comprehension

    • Finish “A Day at the Beach”

    • Comprehension questions

    • Make text connections while reading

    • Read Chapter 22

  • Identify the 50 United States and their capitals

  • State/Capital Match activity

  • Friday

    • Identify Plural and Irregular Nouns

    • Grammar lesson

    • Worksheet

  • Read Chapter 23

  • Comprehension questions

  • Class Meeting/CASS Lesson

  • Norms/Slogan Poster

  • Upcoming Events:

    Early Release Wednesdays

    Nov 15, 29

    Thanksgiving Break 
    - noon release Nov 22
    No School Nov 23-24

    HOMEWORK (Reading Log):

    The reading log packet will be assigned on Mondays and is due the following Monday morning.  Please look for homework to come home on Monday nights.  Homework can be done during the week as family schedules permit.  Homework Zone Packets include:
    • A reading log - 150 minutes a week - list the book you are reading, pages, and minutes read
    • A choice of reading comprehension tasks
    • A list of vocabulary and spelling words to practice as students choose at home
    • A newsletter from all the 5th grade teachers to keep parents up to date on school and class events.
    • Reading Log Nov 13-19

    • Reading Log Nov 6-12

    • Reading log 10.23-29

    • Reading Log 10.16-22

    • Reading Log 10.9.17.docx