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Scholarship: Info and dates

On this page I will be keeping a list of available scholarships that are in our Career Center and their due dates.  Please have your Senior check this page weekly and contact me with any questions they might have! :) 
Kim Moore-Career Center
Helpful pages: Scholarship tracking, Sample resume and a Letters of Recommendation Request Sheet at the bottom of this page

New Scholarships:
  1. Jere Cochran- 4 year HS basketball player, GPA 2.5+.  Due: May 18th
  2. CR Hall of Fame- GPA 2.5+.   Due: May 18th
  3. CR Booster Club- All CRHS students.  Due: May 15th 
  4. Dennis W. Ashby Memorial- All CRHS graduates.  Due: May 15th
  5. Northwest Access Products-  CRHS vocational student.  Due: May 15th
  6. Sharon Johnson Treadwell Memorial- Female student, GPA 3.0+.  Due: May 11th 
  7. Kelso Rotary- Merit- All CRHS students. Due: May 7th
  8. Kelso Rotary- Vocational- CRHS students going into a vocational field.  Due: May 7th
  9. CR Coaches Association- CRHS athlete, GPA 2.5+.  Due: May 4th
  10. Rockets College Fund- GPA 2.5+.   Due: May 4th
  11. CR Lions-  All CRHS student. Due: May 4th
  12. BIAW Building Industry- Going into the building industry.  Due: May: 4th
  13. Leroy Smith: Soccer- Any involvement in CR/TL youth soccer.  Due: May 4th
  14. Advanced Electrical Technologies (AET): Electrical apprenticeship scholarship, GPA 3.0+.  Due: May 1st
  15. CR Chamber of Commerce- All CRHS graduates.  Due: May: 1st
  16. Lloyd & Phillis Mitchell- Open to all CRHS graduates.  Due: May 1st 
  17. Sunnyside Grange- Min. GPA of 2.5.  Due: May 1st
  18. Kelso Garden Club- General.  Due: May 1st 
  19. CR Eagles- All CRHS graduates.  Due: May 1st 
  20. Robert & Margaret Pulliam-  All CRHS students.  Due: April 30th 
  21. Don Lansing- CR Firefighters- All CRHS students.  Due: April 27th 
  22. Friends of St. Johns- Going into the health field. GPA 2.8+.  Due: April 6th
  23. Harlie DesArmo Memorial- Female student, 3.5 min GPA.  Due: April 2nd
  24. Fibre Credit Union- Member of the Fibre Credit Union.  Due: April 2nd
  25. STEM Scholarships - Multiple science based scholarships.   Due: April 1st 
  26. WIAA Smart Choices- Due:  April 1st
  27. Twin Star Credit Union- Member of TwinStar credit union.  Due: March 31st 
  28. Kelso/LV Chamber- GPA 3.2, Cowlitz Co resident.  Due: March 31st 
  29. Delta Kappa Gamma: Pat Sawyer Memorial-  Female, educational field.  Due: March 31st
  30. Red Canoe Credit Union-  Member of Red Canoe Credit Union, 3.0 min. GPA.  Due: March 30th
  31. Beta Sigma Phi Health- Going into the health field.  Due: March 23rd
  32. Altrusa InternationalPlan to attend LCC.  Due: March 23rd
  33. Altrusa, Jane Kalahan Smith- Female running start student.  Due: March 23rd
  34. Altrusa International Technical- Attending LCC in a technical program  Due: March 23rd
  35. WIAA Smart ChoicesSports eligible scholarship.  Due: March 10th 
  36. Kelly Foundation- All CRHS students.  Due March 10th
  37. WA State School Retiree'sEducational Field, GPA of 3.0+.  Due:  March 2nd
  38. LC School Retirees' Assoc- Educational Field or Vocational training, GPA of 3.2+.  Due: March 1st 
  39. WA Draft Horse and Mule Assoc.- Going into an Ag Field preferred, GPA of 3.0+.  Due: Feb 28th 
  40. WA Masonic Charities- Due: Feb 24th
  41. WSE Credit Union- Member of WSE.  Due: Feb 12th 
  42. Kaisier Permanente Health Care - Health Care programs.  Due: Dec 6th
Other Opportunities:
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