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Scholarship: Info and dates

On this page I will be keeping a list of available scholarships that are in our Career Center and their due dates.  Please have your Senior check this page weekly and contact me with any questions they might have! :) 
Kim Moore-Career Center
Helpful pages: Scholarship tracking, Sample resume and a Letters of Recommendation Request Sheet at the bottom of this page

New Scholarships:  As scholarships come in for the 2018-2019 school year they will be posted in the Career Center as well as available here online.  There are other sites and ways of looking for scholarships if you read to the end of this email.

  1. WA State Retiree's:  Educational Field, GPA 3.0+.  Due: March 1st 
  2. Ewing C. Kelly Scholarship: SAT/ACT min. score requirement.  Due: March 10th 
  3. Altrusa International: 3 separate scholarship to LCC, with different requirements.  Due: March 22nd
  4. Red Canoe Credit Union:  Member, GPA 3.0+.  Due: March 30th 
  5. Pat Sawyer-Delta Kamma Gamma:  Female, Educational Field, Cowlitz County. Due: March 31st
  6. Fibre Credit Union: Member.  Credit Union Member.  Due: April 1st
  7. WSU FarmHouse:  Enrolled WSU, GPA 3.0+.  Due: April 5th
  8. Friends of St. Johns: Pursuing a Health career. GPA 2.8+.  Due: April 5th
  9. Don Lansing Memorial: All CRHS grads.  Due: April 27th 
  10. Robert & Margaret Pulliam: CRHS graduate.  Due: April 30th 
  11. Lloyd & Phyllis Mitchell: CRHS graduate.  Due: May 1st
  12. Sunnyside Grange: CRHS graduate. GPA 2.5+  Due: May 1st
  13. Rocket College: CRHS graduate.  GPA 2.5+.  Due: May 3rd
  14. Kelso Rotary Merit: Attending accredited 2/4 college/univ.  Due: May 6th
  15. Kelso Rotary Vocational: Attending accredited Vocational school.  Due: May 6th
  16. Heather Rider Memorial: CRHS Grad, GPA 2.75+, Active 4H/FFA member.  Due May 11th 
  17. Dennis Ashby Memorial: CRHS graduate.  Due: May 17th
  18. Jere Cochran: CRHS grad, BBall prog 4 yrs, 2.5 GPA.  Due: May 17th
Closed applications:
  1. Elks Legacy AwardFamily member associated. Due: Feb 1st
  2. WA Student Achievement:Ties to American Indian Tribe.  Due: Feb 1st
  3. Comcast Leaders and Achievers: Commitment to community service. Due: Dec 7th
  4. Kaiser Permanente: Health care field, GPA of 2.5+.  Register by Dec 8th.  Due: Dec 15th 
  5. Imagine America: Attend career school in their program.  See website for schools.  Due: Dec 31st

Other Opportunities:
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