Mrs. Hudson's Freshmen PE & Health

Subject:Health & PE
Phone number: 360.501.2930 ext.
    1st -Leadership
    3rd -PE
    Lunch (A)
    6th -Health
    7th-Freshmen Focus


Professional Biography

  I've been teaching at Castle Rock since 2013. My passion is helping students balance their health and improve their overall well being. My goal is to help students improve their health habits so they can lead happy, successful lives for years to come. Topics we cover in class are applicable in all areas of life; organization, physical activity, communication, problem solving, decision making and nutrition are a few.

I am a Rocket alumni and I was very fortunate to be able to come back home and teach.
After graduating from Castle Rock I moved on to Washington State University. I graduated with a B.S. in Kinesiology with a focus in Health and Fitness. Go Cougs! I was a substitute teacher in the Longview and Castle Rock school districts for six months before being hired full time at Castle Rock. Since being hired I have taken on many responsibilities at the high school. I now teach leadership and freshmen focus in addition to my freshmen pe and health classes. I also advise the Class of 2018, the link crew program, FCCLA and coach the girls' soccer team. I have had so much fun getting involved and helping improve the culture of the school.

This past year I was very busy, in my professional life, I passed my pro-cert. But most importantly, I became a mom to a handsome little boy, Dax. I am ready to get back to work and kick off this school year in a big way. Go Rockets!

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