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English/Language Arts Curriculum Renewal

Castle Rock School District has launched into curriculum renewal in the area of English/Language Arts (Reading).  We began the work in the Fall of 2017.  

Our elementary teachers narrowed the programs to two finalists.  Click on the link to learn more.

Middle School Finalists:

High School Finalist:

1.  Needs Assessment - looking at data
2.  Learning and Looking at Standards
3.  Rubric Selection
4.  Research
5.  Materials Review and Narrowing
6.  Materials Trials
7.  Feedback Collection
8.  Decision
9.  Planning for future
Teacher Feedback Links:

Feedback window closes April 30, 2018!

Student Feedback Links:

Elementary Students:

Middle School Students:

High School Students:

Feedback window closes April 23, 2018!