Mr. Tessmer's U.S. History Class

Classroom/School News
:  We are down to the last half of the 4th Quarter.  About 4 weeks to go! yikes, this year went fast. As the weather gets nicer and the school days start to dwindle down students tend to slide a little. This is a good time to start practicing good work habits and behavior skills that will carry over into high school.  Get assignments turned in, continue to study, and focus on being the best person you can be. 

In other news:   Our sports seasons have concluded. Track and Field finished on 5/14. It was a lot of fun watching our students participate in a wide variety of activities this school year. 

Current Unit:  Classroom Goal:   CBA (classroom based assessment). This is the state of Washington's standardized assessment for social studies students. Our focus is "Constitutional Issues". Students will research a topic, tie it into an Amendment, take a stance on the topic, and create an essay or slide presentation.

Week of 5/14 - 5/25 CBA work


Western  Region Map : Due June 1st.  

Quarter long assignment: Students took a US states and capitals pretest quiz on September 21. They will receive a regional map each quarter. They will be expected to fill it out properly and STUDY from it. At the end of the quarter they will get a quiz on that region. Fourth Quarter: Western United States. (At the end of the school year they will take a test on all 50 states and capitals).
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Mr. Tessmer's Classroom Calendar

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There are subpages for each Unit that will be updated as we progress through the school year. 

Units we will explore
  • Civics/ U.S. Government
  • Forming a New Nation (1745 - 1790)
  • The New Nation (1789 - 1840)
  • The Nation Expands and Changes (1800 - 1860)
  • Civil War and Reunion (1846 - 1896)

Extra Credit
First student, from each period, to actually check out my webpage, and let me know they did, will receive extra credit. 

Congratulations to:
Courtney Webb -- 1st period
Elijah Lamb -- 2nd period
Hannah Bern -- 5th period

Trivia Question
Be the first student in each History Class (period 1,2,4,5) to correctly answer the question and win a prize!

Must Have (on paper/notecard)
  1. Name
  2. Period
  3. Date
  4. Question
  5. Correct Answer
  6. Hand in to Mr. Tessmer (give it to me)
Second Question (12/10/17): George Washington is the first President of the United States, but some historians give the credit to another man. Name the person who some historians believe to be the first President, before Washington, and name the set of laws the United States was following during his time. 

First Question (9/6/17): The "Lost Colony" has been a mystery to historians for hundreds of years, due to the fact that the colonists and all their belongings disappeared. What is the name of the colony, the year it was founded, and the present day state it was located in? This question is now over. 

Congratulations to Elijah Lamb for being the first student to get this correct. 

Hannah Bern -- 5th period