Mr. Tessmer's U.S. History Class

Classroom/School News
: We have had a good first 3 weeks. We spent the first week looking at school and classroom expectations. We spent the second and third week starting to get into the "History Mindset." We are doing this by: understanding why we study history, examining how to Think Like A Historian, and recognizing the difference between Primary and Secondary Sources. 

Current Unit: Week Two and Three (Part of week 4)-- Classroom Goal: Getting into the history mindset

Week of 9/25 - 9/29:  We wrap our goal of getting into the History Mindset.  We wrapped up "why we study history" 2 weeks ago and we started "thinking like a historian." We continued examining how to "think like a historian" and wrapped up with primary and secondary sources. Monday and Tuesday students will watch a PBS documentary "History Detectives" to see how real historians use evidence to learn about the past. Wednesday students will take a quiz to check for understanding. Thursday and Friday we will examine parts of our history textbook. 

Due this week: History Mindset Quiz on Wednesday. Quiz will include: Why we study history, How to think like a historian, and Primary/Secondary Sources

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Mr. Tessmer's Classroom Calendar

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Units we will explore
  • Civics/ U.S. Government
  • Forming a New Nation (1745 - 1790)
  • The New Nation (1789 - 1840)
  • The Nation Expands and Changes (1800 - 1860)
  • Civil War and Reunion (1846 - 1896)

Extra Credit
First student, from each period, to actually check out my webpage, and let me know they did, will receive extra credit. 

Trivia Question
Be the first student in each History Class (period 1,2,4,5) to correctly answer the question and win a prize!

Must Have (on paper/notecard)
  1. Name
  2. Period
  3. Date
  4. Question
  5. Correct Answer
  6. Hand in to Mr. Tessmer (give it to me)

First Question (9/6/17): The "Lost Colony" has been a mystery to historians for hundreds of years, due to the fact that the colonists and all their belongings disappeared. What is the name of the colony, the year it was founded, and the present day state it was located in?