7th Grade Social Studies Rm. 214

Welcome Pirates!
Week of November 20 - 22 Early Release on Wednesday,  No School on Thursday and Friday ~~ Happy Thanksgiving Break~~ 
Social Studies: 
Students will complete Final Drafts of their summaries by Wednesday, Nov. 22, 2017. Students apply Level 2 and 3 Costa's Levels of Questioning to their summaries.

Week of November 13 - 17  Second Quarter Begins 
Social Studies:
Students are to take their two column note-taking information and write summaries. Students are to write 3-5 summaries using the writing process. First drafts are due on Friday, November 17, 2017. Final drafts are due on Wednesday, November 22, 2017.
Students are creating visuals for the 10-Step Tutorial Process. Students will present their visuals and give a brief explanation to the whole class. Our goal is to begin tutorials after Thanksgiving Break.
Students' binders must be kept organized at all times and must be carried everywhere with them. :)

Week of November 6 - 9  No School on Friday, November 10
Social Studies: Why do people create a government?
  • Success Criteria: Identify the basic ideas on government from Hobbes and Locke, 
  • Define state of nature, natural rights, and sovereign
  • Trace the development of the idea of the social contract from Hobbes to Locke
Students are to take notes on the readings in a two column note-taking format. Students then are to write level 1,2, and 3 questions from Costa's Levels of Questioning. Lastly, Students are to write two separate summaries.

Week of October 23 - 26, No school for students on Friday the 27th
Social Studies 
Essential Question: Why Were Treaties made with the Native Americans, and what the Impact of the treaty-making period?
  • Chapter 4, Lesson 2 -- Two-Column Note-Taking--Students are taking notes from their textbook on their assigned topic. Students will then share their notes with their table team so that each student has notes for the whole lesson. These notes will be used during the Chapter test next week. 
  • Tutorial --TRF Vocabulary --Tutorials (Step 1-10) will be introduces to students. 4-6 Binders are checked each day. 
  • Tuesdays are get caught up or help with current assignments day. 

Week of October 16,2017
  • Chapter 3 Vocabulary Student Friendly Definitions and 8 Boxes Assignment 
  • Vocabulary Activity-Word Web
  • Unit 2 Washington Takes Shape Chapter 4: From Treaties to Statehood Overview 
  • Vocabulary Activity 
  • Coastal Indians Totems
  • Chapter 4, Lesson 1 Reading Activity-Say Something in writing
  • Vocabulary Word Association
  • Chapter 4 Reading Acivity "Say Something" In Writing completion
  • All assignments assigned this week are due today


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