Mrs. Tillie Anglin Room 214

Week of 10/08/18
EQ: What are the five Phases of Focus Note Taking Process?

Monday - Apply FNT: Three Column FNT ---> Using the Appropriate Format 
Tuesday - TRF's Introduction/Rview
Wednesday - Indpendent Work Day and Binder Check
Thursday -  Completed TRF'S and 3 Column Note Taking

Week of 10/01/18

Monday- Practice Note Taking independently while watching slide show
Tuesday- Review Notes and Partner 

Week of 9/24/18 to 9/28/18

Monday - EQ: Why is it important to expand my vocabulary?
              - From Good to Better Activity---> Bio Poem Revision/Edit
Tuesday - Bio Poem Small Group Presentation--Practice the four stages of team 
Wednesday - Peer Binder Check 
                    - Who Am I? Activity
Thursday - Collaborating Brain Storming  "Determining the Purpose for Taking                        Notes"   (List, Group, Label)
Friday - Introduction to the Five Phases of the Focused Note-Taking process

Week of 9/17/18
Monday - Student Agreement 
              - Five Facts About Me Activity
Tuesday- GPA Goal Setting
Wednesday - Bio Poems Introduction
Thursday - Bio Poems continued
                - Focused Note Taking Slide Show
Fridsay - 

Week of 9-10-18
Monday - Warm Up Question
            - K-W-L Chart
            - Things We Have In Common
Tuesday - Warm Up
            - Review "Organization" Life Skill
            - Successful Classroom Interactions: SLANT
            - Five Facts About ME
Wednesday - Early Dismissal Day
                  - Warm Up 
                  - Independent Work Time: Washington
                    State History Title Page DUE Fri. 9/14
Thursday - Warm Up
               - Chapter 1 Vocabulary: Student Friendly 
                Definitions and Assignment 
Friday  - Washington State History Title Page Due 
           - Chapter 1 Vocabulary Word Web Activity
 NOTICE----->>> Planner Check on Monday



Week of 10/08/18
Social Studies: Washington State History
EQ:  What Brought Explorers and Settlers to the Pacific Northwest and How did their Arrival Affect Native Culture?

Monday - Chapter 2 Vocabulary Student Friendly Definitions and Eight Boxes
Tuesday - European Explorers Two Column Note Taking
Wednesday - Vocabulary Word Web and continue with  Two Column NT
Thursday - Vocabulary Word Association and continued work on Two Column          Note-Taking for Chapter 2, Lesson 2

Week of 10/01/18 to 10/05/18

Monday- Northwest Coastal Indians Video ---Life Style
Tuesday- Comparison and Contrast Graphic Organizer Coastal vs Plateau
Wednesday- "Ketchup" Day Independent Work Day (Get caught with all missing and incomplete work).
Thursday- Completion of Graphic Organizer 
Friday- Class Discussion about the Coastal and Plateau Indians

Week of 9/24/18 to 9/28/18

7th Grade Social Studies - Washington State History


Monday - Chapter 2, L#1 Preview/Introduction
              - Details of My Life worksheet
Tuesday - Chapter 2, L#1  Sketch to Stretch Part , Reading and Note Taking Strategy
Wednesday - Chapter 2, L#1 Sketch to Stretch Part 2 (Green Sheets)
Thursday - Continued with Part 1 and 2 Sketch to Stretch Note-Taking
Friday - Chapter 2, L#2 

Week of 9/17/18 to 9/21/18
EQ: How Does Washington's Geography Affect the Way We Live?
Success Criteria: Student will learn about:
  • Natural and Political Boundaries
  • How geography influences where we live and what we do
  • How land changes and resources 
Monday- Chapter 1 Word Association
             - Reading Strategy: Identifying Parts of a Textbook
             - Planner Check
Tuesday-Geographical Features and Land Of Many Regions--Map
             - Ch. 1 Example/Non-Example
 Wednesday - WA Map Review --> The Five Regions of WA
                     -  Fact/Question Reading Strategy and Two Column Note-Taking
Thursday -

Friday - 

7th Grade Social Studies--Washington State History

Week of 9-10-18
Monday - Warm Up Questions
            - Life Skills -->ORGANIZATION
                             -->QUALITY WORK
            - Planner Check information
            - NB Activity --> Title Page Design
Tuesday - Warm Up
            - Review "Organization" Life Skill  
            - SLANT Lesson
            - Five Facts About Me
Wednesday - Continued SLANT and Five Facts About
Thursday - Buddy Contact
               - Mingle Bingo Activity
               - Swap Binder Check
Friday - Chapter 1 Word Web
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