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***All assignments 
are due on Friday
unless otherwise noted! 

Science Trivia Competition!! 

  • All answers must be written in your own handwriting, with your first and last name written on your paper.
  • The web address or book where you found the information must be cited on your paper.  
  • Answers can only be submitted to me between the school hours of 7:45 am - 2:50 pm.
  • Prizes will vary by the week.  
Trivia Question!!!

**Be one of the first three people to answer the trivia question to win. Make sure to follow the rules above!!


Topics we will study for first semester:
  • Science safety
  • Scientific Method
  • STC Light Unit 
Learning Targets for First Quarter

  • I can explain the steps of the Scientific Method, and use them correctly while completing a lab. 
  • I can explain claim, evidence and reasoning (CER) and write a conclusion using CER.  
  • I can explain the differences between the independent, dependent, and controlled variables.
  • I can use Costa's Levels of Questioning to increase my level of work in class.
  • I can use facts vs. opinions to explain my answers.
  • I can use Cornell Note-Taking strategies to increase my comprehension of the content discussed.
  • I can explain the differences between the metric system used all over the world, and the imperial system used in the United States.


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