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**All assignments are due on Friday
unless otherwise noted! 

Congratulations to Justin, Lexie and Saviah, on being the winners of the last question "Describe in detail the plate movement that forms mountain ranges, mid-ocean ridges, trenches, and continental coastlines.
" Find the answer by clicking on the link below:  

Science Trivia Competition!! 

  • All answers must be written in your own handwriting, with your first and last name written on your paper.
  • The web address or book where you found the information must be cited on your paper.  
  • Answers can only be submitted to me between the school hours of 7:45 am - 2:50 pm.
  • Prizes will vary by the week.  
Trivia Question!!!

**Be one of the first three people to answer the trivia question to win. Make sure to follow the rules above!!


Topics we will study for second semester:
  • Energy, Machines & Motion
Learning Targets for Energy, Machines, & Motion Unit:



Here is the link to see our 
Energy, Machines & Motion
 text online:  

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